Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Don't get too cocky

A lot of republicans are gloating over yesterday's election results in Mississippi and Kentucky and they should be.  In Mississippi for example they now have a 73 to 49 majority in the State House and a 35 to 17 majority in the state senate.  Those majorities basically allow the GOP to pass what they want over the next four years and its also amazing considering the democrats had a 90 to 32 majority just 12 short years ago in the State House.  They should also be extremely happy over what happened in Kentucky as well. Only the second republican Governor in modern history and they also knocked off the State Auditor who was planning to run against US Senator Rand Paul next year.  So republicans have a lot to be happy about today.  But they should also stay grounded as well.  I remember in 1996 hearing a speech from Winton Blount who was the then Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party.  He was still on cloud nine over Fob James knocking off Jim Folsom Jr in the Governor's race in 1994.  He made the infamous statement that there would never again be a democrat Governor in Alabama.  You want to take a guess what happened two years after he made that statement in 1996? Yep, a democrat was elected Governor of Alabama. You see the main reason why that happened in 1998 in Alabama was that the economy went south that year in the state. The voters nearly always punish the Governor of a state during an election year if the state economy is in a bad condition during that time.  It doesnt matter what party or what area of the country you are from.  Thats why republicans shouldn't get too cocky over what happened here in the south yesterday.  They should proceed from here with efforts to continue too improve the job market to make sure everything is going good when the next state elections come up in three years.  Alabama should continue too grow the area around Huntsville, the Shoals,Cullman and Jasper with the recruitment of the Aston Martin and Hyundai plants.  Tennessee should continue with the explosive growth around Nashville.  Now that I-22 is open through Tupelo, Mississippi's GOP should concentrate a lot of their economic efforts on that area.  If they go that route then it will be a while before the democrats will see the light of day down here in the deep south...

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