Thursday, October 1, 2015

Roll Tide Speaker Hubbard

So whats going to happen in Alabama with regards to Mike Hubbard continuing to be House Speaker?  Thats the million dollar question right now.  State Rep Phil Williams from the Huntsville suburbs announced today he wants to challenge Hubbard in a new vote for Speaker.  State Rep Alan Farley said he regrets being on stage with Hubbard right after Hubbard was indicted.  Numerous Republicans are expressing disappointment with the Auburn lawmaker after a judge unsealed his emails and made them public last month.  Speaker Hubbard(R-Auburn) sent emails to folks like ex Governor Bob Riley literally begging for a job.  He sent emails to others offering to use his influence as Speaker to help them if they hired him as a consultant.  The emails were really bad from a pr perspective not to mention possibly criminal.  I don't believe anything will come from this latest uprising by Huntsville area Republicans though.  But make no mistake about it when Hubbard's trial gets under way in the spring even if he wins, he still might lose the Speakership depending on what comes out of the trial.  Hubbard's argument is that Attorney General Luther Strange is trying to frame him to keep him from running for Governor against Big Luther in 2018 in the GOP primary. After reading these emails though Im not sure that argument will hold water any longer.

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