Tuesday, August 11, 2015

So who will win the runoff for Mayor of Nashville?

We have a runoff between Megan Barry a left leaning city councilwoman and David Fox who is from the more conservative republican side of things.  Mr Fox came out of no where in mid June to secure a spot in this runoff and so did Barry as well.  They were both polling in the low single digits and were drastically outspent by Bill Freesman, Linda Rebrovick and Charles Robert Bone. But they both beat the odds in the end and made it into the runoff.  So who will win this race next month?  I think you have to give the edge to Ms. Barry at this time.  President Obama carried Nashville/Davidson County both times that he ran for President and to be honest the GOP has never won a major office such as Mayor in this county.  So the democrats and Ms. Barry have all these built in edges.  But I wouldn't write off Mr Fox just yet.  He's ran his campaign so far on what he calls the small stuff such as more sidewalks, improving traffic and ways of getting water. That kind of message appeals across both parties.  Ms. Barry though has  run a hard left campaign so far revolving around increasing the minimum wage, talking gay marriage and improving the pay of women in the city.  In the end I believe the only way Mr. Fox wins is if his message prevails and its mixed with some leftover bitterness among the supporters of Bill Freeman, Mr. Bone and Howard Gentry.  The partisan democrat leaning history of Davidson County is too much to overcome otherwise...

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