Thursday, January 22, 2015

A look at the elections in the Magnolia state so far

After taking a quick look at who is filing to run for office this year it looks like the democrats have still got a lock on the county offices in Mississippi. Up in northeast Mississippi for example the only republican to file too run for Sheriff so far is Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson(R). The candidates filing to run for sheriff in the other northeast Mississippi counties are all democrats so far. This also rings true for all the other county offices in the northeastern section of the state as well. Also it'll be interesting to see what happens to the remaining white democrats in the legislature this year. We may see one or two switch parties before the filing deadline late next month. We've already had a couple announce their retirements as well. Right now in the Mississippi State Senate there are 8 white democrats(1 woman) left in that chamber and over in the State House there are 22 white democrats(2 women) left. Given the overall trends in other deep south states over the past few years you would guess those numbers will decrease come November of this year. But the Mississippi GOP is still pretty weak on the county level as the early filing returns indicate and when compared to the neighboring GOP state parties as well. Will that hurt them come November in these state legislative races? Probably not considering they have a 32 to 20 majority in the state senate and a 65 to 57 majority in the state house and their running under a GOP drawn redistricting plan for the first time since the Civil War. But it bears watching when the rubber meets the road this fall in the legislative races...

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