Thursday, December 4, 2014

The white democrats are even vanishing on the federal level in the deep south

We are now two days out from the run-off elections in Louisianna and the latest polls show the republicans are going to defeat 18 year incumbent US Senator Mary Landrieu(D), former Governor Edwin Edwards(D) and another democrat. If those numbers hold there will be a grand total of eight white democrats(6 US HOUSE and 2 US SENATE) left in Congress from the deep south states of Arkansas,Lousianna, Mississippi,Alabama,Georgia, South & North Carolina,Virginia,Kentucky and Tennessee. The good news for the democrats is that they shouldn't have much of a problem holding those seats in 2016. The bad news is, its a far cry from the way it use to be prior to 2000 when democrats controlled over two thirds of the seats in these states in Congress.

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