Saturday, October 18, 2014

I strongly urge a NO vote on Amendment 2 in Tennessee

If you live in Tennessee and you plan on voting over the next two weeks I strongly urge a NO vote on Amendment 2. The ultimate reason why I come down on the side of NO on this is that there are untold amounts of Tennesseans from Dyersburg to Bristol and from Ooltewah to Beale Street who have had their lives shattered by either directly fighting for democracy in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past thirteen years  or having family members or close friends fight over there.  There are people in Tennessee who have lost limbs or given their lives over there and the reason why they went is they wanted to bring democracy to those two countries. But here we have some people in Tennessee who are walking around with their heads held high over the past few weeks looking down on the common man and telling them that they need to give up their right to vote for state judges.  So they can implement a system like we currently have in Washington and we all know how great the system in DC works.  I dont know about any of you but I dont have the right to look a vet in the eye in some place like Linden or Red Bank, Tn who had his limbs blown off in Iraq and tell him he doesnt deserve the right to vote for state judges in his home state and I wonder what makes the Phil Bredesens,Fred Thompsons and Bill Haslams think they have that right.If this amendment passes then you can mark my words they will be back in a few years to try to take away your right to vote for yet another office.  We already had one bill in the legislature last session that wanted to take away your right to vote for the US Senators.  This is very troubling especially during this day and time seeing so many so called leaders in BOTH parties seeking to take away our right to vote for particular offices.  It even happened in my adopted hometown of Cullman, Al. back in the spring when the legislature  took away Cullman Countains right to vote for school superintendent.  What happened in Cullman was even sneakier and more low down. The backers of that measure went to the local Red Elephant Club(thats a fan club for Alabama football fans) and then to the local Auburn club and they got the members of those two clubs to go out into the county and campaign for it. It was enough to give you a stroke watching them convince people to give up their right to vote for School Superintendent and ending each conversation with a Roll Tide or War Eagle. In the simplistic words of my late father "That just ain't right boy" really isn't really isn't.  Thats why I urge all of you in Tennessee to vote NO on amendment 2...lets stop this madness before it gets worse.

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