Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Drama,polls and more drama in Alabama politics

I just finished reading Mike Hubbard's book again on how the GOP swept to power in Alabama back in 2010. I highly recommend the book to those of you who havent read it yet. He makes some interesting points in the book. One is how their polling was showing Former Senate Majority Leader Zeb Little(D-Cullman) down by nearly 20 points from the summer of 2010 on. That explains why he went so negative on Paul Bussman right after the run off. The other thing I found interesting is how dirty Lowell Barron played. They suspect he hired strippers from the infamous "Boobie Bungalow" stripclub on I-65 in Ardmore and sent them to Shad McGill's house in the middle of the night and he also had a photographer hiding in the bushes hoping to snap pics of McGill with the strippers. Hubbard also claims Lowell hired someone to drive a car through McGill's business. My friends, Lowell Barron was something else I mean and those stories in Hubbard's book only scratch the surface of what he did over the years. He also talks about how Ken Guin played dirty as well and how the tidal wave started in the spring of 2009 for the GOP and slowly built to a Tsunami by election day in 2010. One ironic footnote...he briefly mentions at thee end how they passed tough ethics reform legislation before Governor Riley left office in December 2010. Its ironic because those same reforms are what Attorney General Luther Strange is trying to get a grand jury in Auburn to indict Hubbard on right now. Its a very interesting book though for the political junkie out there and its available on Amazon. I highly recommend it....

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