Sunday, June 8, 2014

Thoughts on the US Senate GOP primary in Mississippi

Last week State Senator Chris McDaniel finished ahead of longtime US Senator Thad Cochran by about thirteen hundred votes in the GOP primary in Mississippi. As I predicted last fall on my Facebook page you could almost feel this coming. A young upstart State Senator riding the Tea Party and social media wave in a very conservative state against a longtime old school US Senator who only campaigns on how much pork he can bring to Mississippi. But as I pointed out last fall, in northeast Mississippi its very hard to see what Cochran's seniority has done for that area of the state. Unemployment is high compared with the northwest and coastal parts of the state and the roads are in horrific condition so what valid reason do voters in places like Baldwyn,Iuka,Fulton and Corinth have to come out again on June 24 and save Thad Cochran from what likes a certain defeat? His campaign also overplayed their hand on what happened with four of McDaniel's supporters taking pictures of his bedridden wife laying in a nursing home. They made that poor 25 year old blogger that got arrested out to look worse than that guy in Tupelo who sent ricin to President Obama. That enabled McDaniel's supporters to leak those pictures of Cochran showing up at parties in Washington with a lady from Baltimore thats in her late 50's to the media in Mississippi. The runoff for this race is June 24 and unless something shocking happens, I fully expect McDaniel to finish off Cochran that day. Chism Strategies released a poll Saturday showing McDaniel up by a 50 to 47 margin over Cochran. That margin will probably end up being 54 to 46 or 55 to 45 on June 24. Also it was interesting to look at all the bitter looks on the faces of GOPers like Lt Governor Tate Reeves and Secretary of State Delbert Hoseman after last weeks election. Make no mistake about it they would've run this year for that seat if Cochran had retired but they were too afraid to challenge him when push came to shove. One more note on Mississippi politics, Congressman Alan Nunnelee who represents the Tupelo area is scheduled to have a "mass" removed from his brain Monday morning in Houston. Nunnelee has been through a lot in his life with the blindness he suffered from and other issues so lord willing he'll be ok after his surgery!

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