Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hey Sen Lautenberg, say hello to the term limits movement

The death of US Senator Frank Lautenberg(D-NJ) got me to thinking about how long Senators stay in office and I found some mildly surprising news after a little research. When the new US Senate convenes in January 2015 at least seventy seven of the one hundred members will have served fourteen or less years in the US Senate. On the democrat side of the aisle only eleven members(Leahy,Reid,Mikulski,Boxer,Feinstein,Murray,Wyden,Durbin,Reed,Landrieu and Schumer) will be left that were elected prior to 2000. With the exception of Pat Leahy(1974),Barbara Mikulski and Harry Reid(both in 1986) the entire democrat caucus in the US Senate will have been elected in the Clinton,Bush and Obama years in the White House. Its pretty much the same on the Republican side as well where they will have 12 members(that could change depending on elections and retirements)who were elected prior to the year 2000. All but six of their Senators(Hatch 76,Cochran 78,Grassley 80, McConnell 84, Shelby and McCain were elected in '86) have come along in the Clinton, Bush and Obama years.  Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe is the only one left from the 1994 GOP landslide. Pat Roberts from Kansas,Jeff Sessions from Alabama,Susan Collins from Maine and Mike Enzi from Wyoming were elected in 1996 and Mike Crapo from Idaho rounds out the pre 2000 gang...he came along in 1998. All these retirements and deaths of Byrd,Inouye,Kennedy and Lautenberg have pretty much taken the steam out of the term limits movement in this country...

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