Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Biloxi Blues!

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant(R) is now behind a plan to build a new baseball stadium in Biloxi that would house a double A minor league team. Most people feel that the team thats moving there is the Huntsville Stars. The Jackson Generals in Jackson, Tn have and will likely always be at the bottom of the minors in attendance because of their market size. So its only natural to think that their a leading candidate to relocate but the Generals owners have a good working relationship with the city and are taking an active role in building a new hotel near the stadium there in Jackson. Thats why its unlikely they will be relocating anytime soon in my opinion. The Huntsville Stars though are a different story...there owner has a pretty bad relationship with Huntsville's Mayor Tommy Battle and city leaders. There are rumors that he even refuses to take phone calls from Mayor Battle. Which is not a good sign if your a fan of minor league baseball in Huntsville. This also doesnt bode well for Tupelo's hopes of getting a minor league team anytime soon. There was a group from Tupelo who inquired about the Huntsville Stars last summer but it didnt go anywhere. Their more suited for a single A team in Tupelo but those teams are kept more on the east coast and across the Mississippi river. So its unlikely they'll be landing a team in that league anytime soon in Tupelo.

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