Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The next GOP surge in the deep south

Republicans all over the deep south have been rejoicing over the last fifteen months at their historic gains on the legislative level across the region and rightfully so I might add. One should feel very good after being in the proverbial wilderness since the civil war. But there is still work to be done in Arkansas's state legislature which is the only one that is still controlled by democrats and there's also work to be done in the Tennessee judicial system which is still for the most part a jobs program for high society democrat attorneys in the state. But the big issue has got to be taking control of the county offices. The GOP has improved in this category over recent years. In west Tennessee for example there are now three counties where there are no longer any democrats left in elected county wide office. Down in Cullman County, Al there is only one democrat left in a county office. Six years ago the democrats controlled all the county offices in Cullman. Ten years ago they controlled all the offices in neighboring Morgan County, Al but today they only hold one. But despite all of those individual cases, the GOP still has a long way to go before they can truely claim that they have a foothold on the deep south in the same fashion democrats did for nearly one hundred and fifty years. Last November the GOP in Mississippi won control of the state legislature in Mississippi for the first time since the civil war. But in rural northeast Mississippi where they picked up a handful of legislative seats they didn't pick up a single county seat. The democrats swept all the county offices in Alcorn,Tishomingo and Prentiss counties. Controlling the county courthouses enables a party to develop a strong bench for the future when it comes to state legislative offices and in a few cases for congressional seats. The democrats proved to be very adept at doing this back in their day. The jury is still out on whether the GOP can do it....

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