Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guns for Toys...but not the kiddie kind...wink wink

There's a lady in Huntsville, Al that runs two well known "sexual pleasure stores" in Huntsville and Decatur called "Pleasures". Well the week of Valentine's, she is running a guns for "toys" promotion taking a play on the gimmick that is used in bigger cities when they do guns for cash promotions. But at Pleasures from Febuary 8 through Febuary 15 you can take your guns, gentlemen to either the store in Decatur or the one in Huntsville and have a licensed gunsmith take a look at your weapon(the one you use to kill animals with, I mean) and you will receive a store credit equal to the value of your weapon(again ..ah never mind you can insert your joke)if you agree to give up your weapon in the store and let the gunsmith have it. So gentlemen take your sweetie pie,sugar plum, or whatever you call her over to Pleasures in two weeks and give up your gun. She'll likely be telling you to take her home big daddy as you leave the store with your new "toy". Then a few hours later if all goes according to plan she'll be saying take me home big daddy again but in a whole new context if you catch my drift. Oh I love the Tennessee Valley....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The democrat collapse in Mississippi

Two more State Reps switched to the GOP this week in Mississippi which in turn knocked the once dominant democrat party majority now down to just a 69-53 margin in the Mississippi State House. A decade ago the democrats controlled around 95 seats in the state house. But that majority started to really slip eight years ago when nearly a dozen democrats switched prior to the filing deadline in 2003. The only democrat hope to saving their majority is the looming redistricting bill that they have to pass. The hope is that they will basically pass a plan that saves their majority in the house and then send it over to the state senate and let them pass a plan that will almost certainly create a dominant GOP majority for years to come there. Then the plan will come back to the house where they will have to vote on the new house,senate and congressional districts in one bill. A lot of the partisan democrats in the magnolia state will not enjoy what they see in the senate and congressional maps but they will have no choice if they want to save their shrinking house majority. Now that is their only hope. The problem with that plan from the democrats point of view is that there has been some rumblings around Mississippi that the GOP will just sit on their hands and not accept any so called "gerrymandered districts" that come out of the house. The GOP knows that the only way Speaker McCoy can save the democrats is through a new plan of "gerrymandered districts". If the GOP does that then the courts will basically end up drawing the new districts. That option doesnt favor the democrats either because the current districts are already gerrymandered to a certain extent to favor the democrats. As we saw in Georgia back in 2003, there's only so much political nonsense when it comes to redistricting that the courts will put up with before they swoop in and say enough is enough. In the end I fully expect the democrats to collapse in Mississippi this year and lose their house majority. Which in turn would leave Arkansas and Kentucky as the only states in the south where the GOP doesn't control the entire state legislature.

Friday, January 7, 2011

What happened to civility democrats?

The other night when I got too my hotel room and was flipping through the channels before I went to sleep. I came across Ed Schlutz on MSNBC and thought Id listen to him for a bit. I only listened for one segment and wow was it something. In the span of only a few minutes he referred to Republicans as bastards and claimed they wanted to control minorities. Now even though its sheer nonsense, you can chalk the "controlling minorities" remark up to just typical partisan rhetoric. But calling Republicans bastards is what really bothered me. Using obscene language such as bastards to describe any group of people that disagree with you on political issues should offend every decent and hardworking republican and democrat in this country. Also to be fair, the same goes for any Republican who refers to democrats in highly obscene language. People like Mr Schultz on both the left and the right in this country should act more responsible than that in the future. We are going down a very slippery slope in our society if these so called responsible adults on cable tv news continue to act like the way Mr Schultz behaved the other night.