Monday, August 29, 2011

Crybaby farmers

Its long been a sincere belief of mine that farmers are some of the biggest adult crybabies you will ever come across in life. Nothing is ever good enough for them. There always complaining about how they don't get enough rain or how expensive the farm equipment is and so forth and so on. Then there are the Keith Smith types in Cullman County, Al. who really go overboard with outlandish crying. He claimed at a meeting late last week concerning the new immigration law in Alabama that he will probably have to sell his farm now that he can't depend on illegals because according to him, American workers will not do the work that illegals do. If your wondering, yes this is the same Cullman County that was hit hard by tornadoes back in the spring and it in turn put a lot of native Alabamans out of work and out of their homes. I bet those people would love to work for Mr. Smith on his farm. If he would stop crying long enough, he might just realize that.

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