Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whats bothering Mr Turnbow?

I know its been a while since the last edition of "Whats bothering Mr Turnbow" so I figured I'd calm everyone down with a new edition. Caught a little bit of the Casey Anthony trial this week while I was on the road traveling. This meter reader just looks creepy. Some experts in that case claim he picked up this poor child's skeleton and took it home with him and hid it for a few months just to claim the reward money. My gosh, I feel like taking a shower just for writing that last sentence. What kind of human would do something like this meter reader is accused of doing? Another thing that bothers me is these strangers that show up at these "high profile cases". Their literally having fist fights with each other in the Casey Anthony trial. Some as we have seen in the Holly Bobo missing person's case in west Tennessee claim that god called them. Now seriously, lets be honest here. Its all well and good that people showed up in Florida wanting to find Caylee Anthony and they show up in Tennessee to search for this Bobo girl. But if you are going to start cocking your head high and bragging to the media that god called you to help come search for the Holly Bobo's and Caylee Anthony's as some have done then shouldn't you go to a place like Memphis or west Birmingham the next time a 300 pound black lady named Laquisha goes missing or out to rural town, usa when a 300 pound white girl with freckles disappears and help search for them? I mean, we are all equal in god's eyes. Correct? Now of course these people won't do that. Its a good but sad example of how many fake christians there are in this world today. Some people love bragging about what good christians they are but they just don't walk the walk when it comes down to it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying their as evil as Casey Anthony or this boy that Holly Bobo's brother saw walking her off into the woods but their clearly not too far behind Casey and that boy in my opinion. The media and so called leaders also are part of this problem as well where those with physical beauty seem to have a higher public emphasis placed on their cases when compared to the physically unattractive people who go missing. Every one you could think of on the prominent cable shows are currently in Florida covering the Anthony trial. But yet I remember a case a few years ago in Arab, Al. where a woman and her boyfriend murdered her kids. That case received no statewide or national attention. I wonder if it had to do anything with the fact that the poor kids in that case weren't considered "cute"? In Tennessee,the director of the TBI showed up at the search for Holly Bobo to do a live news conference of all things. Director Mark Gwynn should be ashame for doing that. He could've went and talked to his agents handling this case and that would clearly have been fine but for him to stick his face in front of TV cameras sent a horrible message in my opinion. Its a repeating theme in this country of people who should know better continuing to place a higher emphasis on those with physical beauty tahn those with out it. Let me end by saying I clearly believe that CaseyAnthony and this boy that the media claims Holly's brother saw walk her off into the woods are the true evil people in these cases. But people like TBI Director Mark Gwynn and the national media down in Florida at Casey Anthony's trial could make things a little better on future missing persons cases by not tripping over themselves trying to get to the scene of the next "cute person" that disappears. It brings out weirdo's like the meter reader and fake christians when they pull public stunts like that....

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