Sunday, May 22, 2011

Redistricting in Alabama

This week the GOP controlled state legislature in Alabama passed a congressional redistricting plan out of committee. The plan will be considered by the legislature this week and its received a lot of criticism already from mainly the Shoals area leaders. Lawrence and Colbert counties were removed from Congressman Mo Brooks(R) district and added to Congressman Robert Aderholts(R)district under this plan. It'll be the first time in modern history that the Shoals area(Lauderdale and Colbert) will be represented by two congressmen under this plan. Not all but most of the criticism from this plan has come from democrat politicians in the Shoals who don't like the reliable yellow dog democrat counties of Colbert and Lawrence being removed from the fifth district and added to the fourth district. This plan makes it pretty much impossible for a democrat to win the fifth congressional district with all things being equal. So you can understand why democrats such as the up and coming State Senator Tammy Irons(D-Florence) would be upset at this plan. But as the old saying goes what comes around goes around and thats especially true in politics. The GOP plan also took a lot of the black voters down in the second congressional district that helped elect Bobby Bright(D) to Congress back in 2008 out of the second district and put them in the seventh district. The only good thing the democrats have in this plan is that the fourth district which is represented now by Congressman Robert Aderholt(R- Haleyville) was made more democratic with the addition of Colbert and Lawrence counties. This probably won't damage Congressman Aderholt all that much but it will make the district more competitive when Mr Aderholt decides to leave the US House. The legislative redistricting in Alabama will not be brought up until next year. This is mainly because legislative elections in Alabama are every four years instead of the two in most states. So there's really no rush to pass a plan given that the next elections aren't until 2014.

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