Saturday, March 26, 2011

GOP hypocrisy Bama style

When I hear stories like the one listed below it aggravates me to death in some ways. Here we have a county that saw the GOP sweep all the offices up for election last November and one that is very reliable for the GOP in presidential elections. But the good folks in one area of this county are screaming bloody murder because they are afraid the USPS is going to close their small post office(which by the way looks pretty old in the picture). I wonder how many of the residents of Ryland who have signed these foolish petitions went and voted for conservative candidates last November who made budget cuts their first priority if they were to win? It reminds me of a debate in Bemis, Tn a few years ago when a middle aged lady broke down in tears to a WBBJ reporter at the thought of that old post office closing. The problem there was that just a few miles down the road in downtown Jackson sat a brand new post office that had just opened. Oh and the lady who cried on TV had a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on the vehicle that she was driving. This is the problem with a lot of the rank and file republicans in this country. They can talk the talk but for some dam reason they can't walk the dam walk. Its very disappointing from this conservatives point of view. When this country collapses under its financial debt, if Im still alive I had better not hear one dam conservative in places like Ryland and Bemis say one thing to me about financial responsiblity.

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