Saturday, February 5, 2011

Roundup from hee haw land for the week

Its been a busy week in politics here in hee haw country. Word broke the middle of this week that the Louisianna Attorney General Buddy Caldwell would be switching to the GOP very soon. Theres also numerous party switching rumors floating in north Mississippi right now as the March 1 filing deadline approaches. So far only Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson has switched to the GOP. I know from personal conversations that State Senator Eric Powell(D-Corinth) was approached on numerous occasions in the last few months about switching but he filed as a democrat a few weeks ago. It would've been a real coup for the GOP to land Powell, considering he's a first term black state senator. Down in Birmingham they are once again trying to settle a sewer debt that has nearly bankrupted the Birmingham/Jefferson County Al area. Jefferson County Commission President David Carrington(R) was in New York this week working on a settlement with Wall Street bankers concerning the sewer debt. This will be worked out in due time but its not going to come anytime soon in my opinion. The right people are now in charge on the Jefferson County end but unfortunately the same old crowd that helped get Jefferson County into this mess is still in charge on Wall Street.

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