Friday, January 7, 2011

What happened to civility democrats?

The other night when I got too my hotel room and was flipping through the channels before I went to sleep. I came across Ed Schlutz on MSNBC and thought Id listen to him for a bit. I only listened for one segment and wow was it something. In the span of only a few minutes he referred to Republicans as bastards and claimed they wanted to control minorities. Now even though its sheer nonsense, you can chalk the "controlling minorities" remark up to just typical partisan rhetoric. But calling Republicans bastards is what really bothered me. Using obscene language such as bastards to describe any group of people that disagree with you on political issues should offend every decent and hardworking republican and democrat in this country. Also to be fair, the same goes for any Republican who refers to democrats in highly obscene language. People like Mr Schultz on both the left and the right in this country should act more responsible than that in the future. We are going down a very slippery slope in our society if these so called responsible adults on cable tv news continue to act like the way Mr Schultz behaved the other night.

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