Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guns for Toys...but not the kiddie kind...wink wink

There's a lady in Huntsville, Al that runs two well known "sexual pleasure stores" in Huntsville and Decatur called "Pleasures". Well the week of Valentine's, she is running a guns for "toys" promotion taking a play on the gimmick that is used in bigger cities when they do guns for cash promotions. But at Pleasures from Febuary 8 through Febuary 15 you can take your guns, gentlemen to either the store in Decatur or the one in Huntsville and have a licensed gunsmith take a look at your weapon(the one you use to kill animals with, I mean) and you will receive a store credit equal to the value of your weapon(again ..ah never mind you can insert your joke)if you agree to give up your weapon in the store and let the gunsmith have it. So gentlemen take your sweetie pie,sugar plum, or whatever you call her over to Pleasures in two weeks and give up your gun. She'll likely be telling you to take her home big daddy as you leave the store with your new "toy". Then a few hours later if all goes according to plan she'll be saying take me home big daddy again but in a whole new context if you catch my drift. Oh I love the Tennessee Valley....

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