Saturday, October 8, 2011

The new Buford Pusser?

Newly elected McNairy County, Tn. Sheriff Guy Buck(R) has taken a very public profile during his first year in office. His office has been very active on facebook and with using new DNA procedures to solve various crimes that have occured this year in the county. He's certainly different than a lot of sheriff's in the area who disappear from public view once their elected and then they magically reappear four years later when its time to run again. You could probably say thats a great thing working in Mr Buck's favor, considering the history of "some west Tennessee and north Mississippi sheriff's" over the last thirty years. It'll be interesting to see how Sheriff Buck's political career progresses over the upcoming years. He's relatively young and given the high profile he's taken in his first year it would kind of lead you down the path to assume that he'll run for another office in the future. There's going to be a special election next year for McNairy County Mayor, so he might go for that. It'll be tough to go for the house or senate anytime soon considering the county is currently represented by fellow GOPers Dennis and Gresham in those positions in Nashville. One thing is for sure though, he's the highest profile Sheriff that McNairy County has seen since the infamous Buford Pusser....

Don't hate me because Im beautiful?!?

I heard this week that the 2006 GOP nominee for Cullman County, Al. Probate Judge, Bridgette Reeling will seek that position again next year. Current incumbent Probate Judge Leah Lust(D) is one of only two democrats left in elected office in Cullman County after the GOP landslides in 2008 and 2010. So Mrs. Reeling will certainly have a better chance this time around than she did five years ago. But one problem that Mrs Reeling had in '06 was overcoming the perception among "some of the conservative voters" that she came across to some folks as a ditzy beauty pageant blond. I'll be curious to see how she overcomes that this time around. I met her six years ago and while she is an attractive lady. She certainly didn't strike me as being the proverbial "dumb blond". But that perception was rampant back in '06 especially among a lot of the Roy Moore supporters who were very motivated and out in full force that year in Cullman(which was one of his strongest counties).

Monday, August 29, 2011

Crybaby farmers

Its long been a sincere belief of mine that farmers are some of the biggest adult crybabies you will ever come across in life. Nothing is ever good enough for them. There always complaining about how they don't get enough rain or how expensive the farm equipment is and so forth and so on. Then there are the Keith Smith types in Cullman County, Al. who really go overboard with outlandish crying. He claimed at a meeting late last week concerning the new immigration law in Alabama that he will probably have to sell his farm now that he can't depend on illegals because according to him, American workers will not do the work that illegals do. If your wondering, yes this is the same Cullman County that was hit hard by tornadoes back in the spring and it in turn put a lot of native Alabamans out of work and out of their homes. I bet those people would love to work for Mr. Smith on his farm. If he would stop crying long enough, he might just realize that.

More GOPers not walking the walk

There was an article in the McNairy County, Tn newspaper over the weekend about a few of the citizens of Guys, Tn. starting a petition drive to save their local post office. Just to give you an indication of how small this town is. I know the McNairy County area pretty well and I have no clue where the post office is in Guys. But where ever it is, there are apparently some people wandering around who would like to save it. Never mind the fact that Corinth, Ms is just eight miles away and Selmer is ten miles to the north and they could very easily use the post offices in those towns or go into one of the grocery stores and get them some stamps. Another thing that bothers me when I see articles like this is that McNairy County is a huge GOP county. It constantly votes for republicans on the state and national level and finally in recent years its started to go republican on the county level as well. But yet here we have people in Guys(which is part of McNairy County) crying a river of tears over the potential closure of a few rural post offices. Its enough to give me a headache when I hear people who voted republican turn around and start crying when someone wants to cut an area of the federal government that they like. Your not walking the walk my fellow conservatives. How in the world will we ever cut the deficit and the debt if you people are literally going to have a nervous breakdown over a small town rural post office? I feel like Glen Beck did that day when he lost it and flew off the handle and started screaming at a liberal woman who called in. Its just crazy how some republicans act...

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Whats bothering Mr Turnbow?

I know its been a while since the last edition of "Whats bothering Mr Turnbow" so I figured I'd calm everyone down with a new edition. Caught a little bit of the Casey Anthony trial this week while I was on the road traveling. This meter reader just looks creepy. Some experts in that case claim he picked up this poor child's skeleton and took it home with him and hid it for a few months just to claim the reward money. My gosh, I feel like taking a shower just for writing that last sentence. What kind of human would do something like this meter reader is accused of doing? Another thing that bothers me is these strangers that show up at these "high profile cases". Their literally having fist fights with each other in the Casey Anthony trial. Some as we have seen in the Holly Bobo missing person's case in west Tennessee claim that god called them. Now seriously, lets be honest here. Its all well and good that people showed up in Florida wanting to find Caylee Anthony and they show up in Tennessee to search for this Bobo girl. But if you are going to start cocking your head high and bragging to the media that god called you to help come search for the Holly Bobo's and Caylee Anthony's as some have done then shouldn't you go to a place like Memphis or west Birmingham the next time a 300 pound black lady named Laquisha goes missing or out to rural town, usa when a 300 pound white girl with freckles disappears and help search for them? I mean, we are all equal in god's eyes. Correct? Now of course these people won't do that. Its a good but sad example of how many fake christians there are in this world today. Some people love bragging about what good christians they are but they just don't walk the walk when it comes down to it. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying their as evil as Casey Anthony or this boy that Holly Bobo's brother saw walking her off into the woods but their clearly not too far behind Casey and that boy in my opinion. The media and so called leaders also are part of this problem as well where those with physical beauty seem to have a higher public emphasis placed on their cases when compared to the physically unattractive people who go missing. Every one you could think of on the prominent cable shows are currently in Florida covering the Anthony trial. But yet I remember a case a few years ago in Arab, Al. where a woman and her boyfriend murdered her kids. That case received no statewide or national attention. I wonder if it had to do anything with the fact that the poor kids in that case weren't considered "cute"? In Tennessee,the director of the TBI showed up at the search for Holly Bobo to do a live news conference of all things. Director Mark Gwynn should be ashame for doing that. He could've went and talked to his agents handling this case and that would clearly have been fine but for him to stick his face in front of TV cameras sent a horrible message in my opinion. Its a repeating theme in this country of people who should know better continuing to place a higher emphasis on those with physical beauty tahn those with out it. Let me end by saying I clearly believe that CaseyAnthony and this boy that the media claims Holly's brother saw walk her off into the woods are the true evil people in these cases. But people like TBI Director Mark Gwynn and the national media down in Florida at Casey Anthony's trial could make things a little better on future missing persons cases by not tripping over themselves trying to get to the scene of the next "cute person" that disappears. It brings out weirdo's like the meter reader and fake christians when they pull public stunts like that....

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Democrat State Rep retires

Longtime State Rep. Harvey Moss(D-Corinth,Ms.) abruptly retired this week after previously filing for reelection to the Mississippi State House ten days ago. This annoucement is huge news for the GOP. One of their top house recruits in the entire state of Mississippi is Corinth city councilman Chip Wood(R). State Rep Harvey Moss was also one of outgoing Speaker Billy McCoy's closest ally in the House over the last 8 years. The rumor mill is hot with a rumor that Mr Moss's internal polling was showing him losing by double digits to Mr Wood and this is what ultimately lead him to have a change of heart and back out of his reelection plans. The GOP is currently just eight seats short of securing their first majority in modern history in the Mississippi State House. They already have a 27-25 majority in the state senate and their expected to slightly increase that as well in the November elections.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Redistricting in Alabama

This week the GOP controlled state legislature in Alabama passed a congressional redistricting plan out of committee. The plan will be considered by the legislature this week and its received a lot of criticism already from mainly the Shoals area leaders. Lawrence and Colbert counties were removed from Congressman Mo Brooks(R) district and added to Congressman Robert Aderholts(R)district under this plan. It'll be the first time in modern history that the Shoals area(Lauderdale and Colbert) will be represented by two congressmen under this plan. Not all but most of the criticism from this plan has come from democrat politicians in the Shoals who don't like the reliable yellow dog democrat counties of Colbert and Lawrence being removed from the fifth district and added to the fourth district. This plan makes it pretty much impossible for a democrat to win the fifth congressional district with all things being equal. So you can understand why democrats such as the up and coming State Senator Tammy Irons(D-Florence) would be upset at this plan. But as the old saying goes what comes around goes around and thats especially true in politics. The GOP plan also took a lot of the black voters down in the second congressional district that helped elect Bobby Bright(D) to Congress back in 2008 out of the second district and put them in the seventh district. The only good thing the democrats have in this plan is that the fourth district which is represented now by Congressman Robert Aderholt(R- Haleyville) was made more democratic with the addition of Colbert and Lawrence counties. This probably won't damage Congressman Aderholt all that much but it will make the district more competitive when Mr Aderholt decides to leave the US House. The legislative redistricting in Alabama will not be brought up until next year. This is mainly because legislative elections in Alabama are every four years instead of the two in most states. So there's really no rush to pass a plan given that the next elections aren't until 2014.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Political rumblings

There were some rumblings this week down in Jackson, Ms. that a redistricting deal had been cut. But I'll believe that when I see it. The legislature is already out so Governor Barbour would have to call a special session and the only way he'll do that is if the democrats commit voluntary political suicide and somehow I doubt that will happen. Another thing going on is this obsession with buying gold and its coming mainly from conservatives, unfortunately. I talked to someone in Decatur, Al. yesterday about it and I couldn't help but shake my head at the argument I was hearing. At the end of the day its like this, if you are in a financial position where you put some resources into gold then by all means do that. But to spin the argument to low and middle income folks that they need to buy gold because the dollar is going to disappear in short order is just wrong. Retailers already complain to high heaven about having to deal with small coins like pennies and nickels. Can you imagine what their response would be if people started coming in and flopping down gold bricks ? I even had a client complain to me this week that they didnt like dealing with gold coins. So I just can't imagine a scenario where gold will ever replace the dollar as our currency and people who peddle this notion should be ashame. One final note concerns county school superintendents over in Alabama. State Senator Paul Bussman(R) is supporting legislation to make the position an appointed one. His argument seems to be that better qualified people come from an appointment process. I'm highly disappointed in the good Senator for doing this. What happens when you have an appointed school superintendent is that the local good old boys get together and pick one of their "pals" and then they go to the school board and twist a few arms and wham bam we have a new school superintendent at the end of the day. Thats the way the process has gone in Tennessee since they went to an appointment process. Sure the bigger counties like Shelby and Davidson have hired some from out of state but for the most part its been one of the good old boys in the rural areas that end up with these jobs. So Cullman County, Al voters should ask themselves a question. Do you want the good old boys down at the courthouse,Terri Pines and Smith Lake picking one of their friends for this job or do you want to choose every four years? Hopefully the new GOP majority in Alabama will stop this silly piece of legislation before its too late. Conservatives shouldn't be in the process of taking away the rights of people to vote for certain offices. The democrats did this in Tennessee with numerous offices and to this day it remains in my opinion one of the shameful abuses of power I have ever seen.....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

GOP hypocrisy Bama style

When I hear stories like the one listed below it aggravates me to death in some ways. Here we have a county that saw the GOP sweep all the offices up for election last November and one that is very reliable for the GOP in presidential elections. But the good folks in one area of this county are screaming bloody murder because they are afraid the USPS is going to close their small post office(which by the way looks pretty old in the picture). I wonder how many of the residents of Ryland who have signed these foolish petitions went and voted for conservative candidates last November who made budget cuts their first priority if they were to win? It reminds me of a debate in Bemis, Tn a few years ago when a middle aged lady broke down in tears to a WBBJ reporter at the thought of that old post office closing. The problem there was that just a few miles down the road in downtown Jackson sat a brand new post office that had just opened. Oh and the lady who cried on TV had a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker on the vehicle that she was driving. This is the problem with a lot of the rank and file republicans in this country. They can talk the talk but for some dam reason they can't walk the dam walk. Its very disappointing from this conservatives point of view. When this country collapses under its financial debt, if Im still alive I had better not hear one dam conservative in places like Ryland and Bemis say one thing to me about financial responsiblity.

The cajun collapse continues for dems& other tidbits

We have had three more senators in Lousianna in recent weeks switch to the GOP. That now gives the GOP a 23 to 16 majority in the Louisianna state senate. Next door in Mississippi its looking more and more likely that the courts will end up drawing the districts for the state legislature this year. House Speaker Billy McCoy(D) is refusing to send conferees to a meeting with the state senate to work out their differences over redistricting. By the way word has it that Speaker McCoy will retire from the legislature once the legislative session is over and the same goes for longtime democrat state senator Jack Gordon(D) as well.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Screwing your political opponents

This past Friday the Mississippi state house passed a redistricting plan and sent it to the state senate. As expected the plan passed by the house pretty much keeps the democrats in the majority in that chamber. Looking at the plan it looks like the democrats would retain the majority somewhere along the lines of a 69 to 53 seat margin. The plan now goes to the state senate which is controlled by the GOP. Their are rumors flying all over this weekend in political circles in the magnolia state that Lt Governor Phil Bryant(R) is going to over rule the plan that his redistricting chairman Senator Terry Burton(R) came up with last week and put his own plan on the floor early this week. Lt Governor Bryant's thinking on this issue basically comes down to this. If the GOP delays the issue for 3 more months then everyone would have to run under the old districts this November and indicators point to the GOP taking over the house under the current districts in the house and adding to their current majorities in the senate under both the Burton and Bryant plans. If that happens then the new GOP legislature would take control next January and presumably draw districts that would favor them for decades to come. Lt Governor Bryant is probably going to get hammered in the media if he does what is rumored this coming week. But as any politically astute person knows, redistricting has always been a partisan issue and will always be like that. Also some people forget that the democrats have been in control of the state house in Mississippi literally since the beginning of time so no one should really shed any tears for the democrats if Lt Governor Bryant prevails on this issue in the coming weeks and months.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Whats bothering Mr Turnbow and other thoughts....

Liquor has now been sold for two weeks in Cullman, Al. So far Ive heard no reports of men masterbating in the streets as some of the pro dry people claimed would be the case before the vote. Filing deadline for county and state offices in Mississippi is this Tuesday at 5pm. So far the democrats have only managed to find credible candidates for Governor and Attorney General. I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for other credible democrats to step forward in the next two days because quite frankly there arent that many of them left in the magnolia state. The deadline for legislative candidates is June 1 because they have to get a redistricting bill passed and approved by the DOJ before they can qualify. One final note concerns the current situation in Wisconsin. Its striking how more dignified GOP leaning voters are than democrat voters. I don't recall hearing any Tea Partiers denouncing God or wishing bodily harm to their opponents. I heard one democrat protester denounce God during an interview that Chris Mathews was having with a democrat house member in Wisconsin last week. Also I wonder how a lot of those teachers in Wisconsin that are protesting can hold their heads up with dignity considering the current mess of the education system in that state and the nation. Ive said it before during the hoopla concerning Michael Oher and the Tuohys in Memphis. There are educators in this country who deserve to be arrested on the spot for their lack of dedication to their job. They are helping send kids to a brutal and cruel future by not doing their jobs.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Roundup from hee haw land for the week

Its been a busy week in politics here in hee haw country. Word broke the middle of this week that the Louisianna Attorney General Buddy Caldwell would be switching to the GOP very soon. Theres also numerous party switching rumors floating in north Mississippi right now as the March 1 filing deadline approaches. So far only Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson has switched to the GOP. I know from personal conversations that State Senator Eric Powell(D-Corinth) was approached on numerous occasions in the last few months about switching but he filed as a democrat a few weeks ago. It would've been a real coup for the GOP to land Powell, considering he's a first term black state senator. Down in Birmingham they are once again trying to settle a sewer debt that has nearly bankrupted the Birmingham/Jefferson County Al area. Jefferson County Commission President David Carrington(R) was in New York this week working on a settlement with Wall Street bankers concerning the sewer debt. This will be worked out in due time but its not going to come anytime soon in my opinion. The right people are now in charge on the Jefferson County end but unfortunately the same old crowd that helped get Jefferson County into this mess is still in charge on Wall Street.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Guns for Toys...but not the kiddie kind...wink wink

There's a lady in Huntsville, Al that runs two well known "sexual pleasure stores" in Huntsville and Decatur called "Pleasures". Well the week of Valentine's, she is running a guns for "toys" promotion taking a play on the gimmick that is used in bigger cities when they do guns for cash promotions. But at Pleasures from Febuary 8 through Febuary 15 you can take your guns, gentlemen to either the store in Decatur or the one in Huntsville and have a licensed gunsmith take a look at your weapon(the one you use to kill animals with, I mean) and you will receive a store credit equal to the value of your weapon(again ..ah never mind you can insert your joke)if you agree to give up your weapon in the store and let the gunsmith have it. So gentlemen take your sweetie pie,sugar plum, or whatever you call her over to Pleasures in two weeks and give up your gun. She'll likely be telling you to take her home big daddy as you leave the store with your new "toy". Then a few hours later if all goes according to plan she'll be saying take me home big daddy again but in a whole new context if you catch my drift. Oh I love the Tennessee Valley....

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The democrat collapse in Mississippi

Two more State Reps switched to the GOP this week in Mississippi which in turn knocked the once dominant democrat party majority now down to just a 69-53 margin in the Mississippi State House. A decade ago the democrats controlled around 95 seats in the state house. But that majority started to really slip eight years ago when nearly a dozen democrats switched prior to the filing deadline in 2003. The only democrat hope to saving their majority is the looming redistricting bill that they have to pass. The hope is that they will basically pass a plan that saves their majority in the house and then send it over to the state senate and let them pass a plan that will almost certainly create a dominant GOP majority for years to come there. Then the plan will come back to the house where they will have to vote on the new house,senate and congressional districts in one bill. A lot of the partisan democrats in the magnolia state will not enjoy what they see in the senate and congressional maps but they will have no choice if they want to save their shrinking house majority. Now that is their only hope. The problem with that plan from the democrats point of view is that there has been some rumblings around Mississippi that the GOP will just sit on their hands and not accept any so called "gerrymandered districts" that come out of the house. The GOP knows that the only way Speaker McCoy can save the democrats is through a new plan of "gerrymandered districts". If the GOP does that then the courts will basically end up drawing the new districts. That option doesnt favor the democrats either because the current districts are already gerrymandered to a certain extent to favor the democrats. As we saw in Georgia back in 2003, there's only so much political nonsense when it comes to redistricting that the courts will put up with before they swoop in and say enough is enough. In the end I fully expect the democrats to collapse in Mississippi this year and lose their house majority. Which in turn would leave Arkansas and Kentucky as the only states in the south where the GOP doesn't control the entire state legislature.

Friday, January 7, 2011

What happened to civility democrats?

The other night when I got too my hotel room and was flipping through the channels before I went to sleep. I came across Ed Schlutz on MSNBC and thought Id listen to him for a bit. I only listened for one segment and wow was it something. In the span of only a few minutes he referred to Republicans as bastards and claimed they wanted to control minorities. Now even though its sheer nonsense, you can chalk the "controlling minorities" remark up to just typical partisan rhetoric. But calling Republicans bastards is what really bothered me. Using obscene language such as bastards to describe any group of people that disagree with you on political issues should offend every decent and hardworking republican and democrat in this country. Also to be fair, the same goes for any Republican who refers to democrats in highly obscene language. People like Mr Schultz on both the left and the right in this country should act more responsible than that in the future. We are going down a very slippery slope in our society if these so called responsible adults on cable tv news continue to act like the way Mr Schultz behaved the other night.