Friday, October 15, 2010

GOPers favorite four letter word JOBS

The GOP won three seats on the Corinth, Ms. City Council this week to tie the chamber at 3 to 3. It marks the first time ever that the democrats will not have a majority on the council. Corinth is the second largest town in northeast Mississippi behind Tupelo for those of you who don't know. Its also about 15 miles from the Tennessee stateline and up until a few years ago it had always been a staunchly democrat territory. But job losses on top of more job losses have taken a huge toll on democrats in that area over the last few years. Prior to 2006, the democrats always enjoyed 6 to 0 majorities on the city council. Two GOPers won in 2006 however and that was followed by the local party defeating longtime State Rep Rickey Cummings(D) in 2007. But the lack of jobs apparently have pushed old yellow dog democrats in Corinth over the edge this year. Quad Graphics announced a few months ago that their closing in a few weeks which will in turn send 500 people to the unemployment rolls just in time for the holidays. Then came the news this week that Kmart is officially closing their store in Corinth. In simple terms its just a bad situation in Corinth right now and people are mad and their looking to take their anger out on the people in charge and in this case its the democrats who are/were in charge. All of this doesn't bode well for Congressman Travis Childers eightteen days from now. He has to win Corinth to offset the expected edge Alan Nunnelee will have in his hometown of Tupelo and Desoto County. Just a word of advice to the Congressman. I would be brushing up on the real estate market in Booneville if I were you because I have a hunch after this weeks results in Corinth that you are going to be back to selling it full time in a few weeks.....

Saturday, October 9, 2010

News from Bama country

Its been a busy week in Alabama politics. It started out with a bombshell when numerous state senators and lobbyists were indicted in their efforts to legalize gambling in the state of Alabama. Then came the news that Birmingham Mayor William Bell(D) and the Birmingham Barons ownership team had a meeting about building a new double a ballpark in downtown Birmingham for the Barons to play in and word is it could be configured to let UAB play in it during the fall. This is what should've happened a long time ago in Birmingham. They wasted years talking about building a dome knowing full well the NFL would never come because of the undying devotion fans in Alabama have to the Tide and Auburn. So we shall see where this goes. Up in Cullman County, State Senate Majority Leader Zebulon Little(D) is trying his best to paint his opponent Dr Bussman(R) as an evil man. I guess those efforts by Zebulon speak volumes about what his internal polling shows. But anyway, Dr Bussman has been accused of not paying his child support and writing illegal prescriptions among other thing by Zebulon. My guess is that Br Bussman will win this race in the end because of Zebulon's very public legal problems last year and the fact that a pretty huge GOP wave is on its way this November. Also everyone should look up the link where State Senator Roger Bedford(D) who was the 1996 opponent to US Senator Jeff Sessions asks gambling kingpin Milton McGregor for permission to go after their opponents on gambling. Its very entertaining but also sad that a state senator would do that. One final note and it concerns Cullman County once again. There is trouble brewing on a huge scale with the GOP dominated county commission. Chairman James Graves(R) is suing the other two commissioners Wayne Willingham(R) and Doug Williams(R) over issues involving the county budget. Ive had three different people in the Cullman County GOP tell me recently that Williams and Willingham should be investigated by the US Attorney's office for alleged crimes they may have committed over the last year. So even though Williams and Willingham are in their last days as commissioners they may pop up again very soon in public for all the wrong reasons....

Monday, October 4, 2010

Lets do a little waltzing with a dash of an October surprise Bama style, shall we?

Five and half years after the Tennessee waltz sting went down in Nashville. The FBI and Justice Department made a return trip to the deep south to gobble up about a dozen more crooked legislators and lobbyists. This time it was in Alabama and it involved gambling in the state. Well known gambling kingpin Milton McGregor was the "topdog" that went down today along with a few more lobbyists in Montgomery. But in political terms the big news out of todays events is the legislators that were arrested. State Senator Larry Means(D) was arrested along with retiring State Senator Jim Preuitt(R) who abruptly retired a few weeks ago and State Senator Quinton Ross and last but least State Senator Harri Anne Smith(I). Means and Smith are involved in highly competitive reelection races so I'm guessing this will pretty much bring a death blow to their campaigns.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My wish for the Tennessee GOP

One of the things that have disturbed me about the GOP controlling the Tennessee state legislature the past two years is their lack of action on conservative issues. A lot of hard working good decent conservatives from Beale Street to Bristol from Red Bank to Dyersburg got out there over the past ten years and beat the bushes and helped the GOP take over both chambers of the legislature for the first time in modern history in 2008. One would assume that the Republicans in Nashville would feel a sense of obligation to these good folks and help push some of their issues through the legislature. But that hasnt been the case so far. The legislature caved on the judicial selection bill and ended up renewing the plan that was pushed through by democrats years ago. To this day, the Attorney General in Tennessee is still picked by a group of "democrat insiders" up in Nashville instead of the people of Tennessee which is the way it should be. Is it any wonder Lt Governor Ron Ramsey(R) went down in flames two months ago in the Governor's primary? He's just been rubberstamping what the democrats did in the old days. I realize Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam(R) who is in all likelihood the next Governor of Tennessee is reluctant to stray from the economic theme of his campaign. But he owes it to conservatives across the state to start reversing these communistesque maneuvers the democrats passed in the "old days" and let the people decide who they want in these statewide positions. If the Tennessee GOP doesn't start acting like conservatives and soon, then we will likely see a scenario happen in this state like what happened in Virginia a few years ago. Conservatives threw up their hands in disgust up there and the democrats staged a remarkable comeback in a state that most observers thought was a rock solid GOP state.