Monday, March 29, 2010

More bad news for Roy Herron and west Tennessee's economy

Worldcolor announced today that their laying off seven hundred plus people over the next nine months at its plant in Dyersburg, Tn. They have a plant in Corinth, Ms. which is right across the Tennessee stateline that employs a little over one hundred Tennesseans as well. There was no mention of layoffs at that plant today so its not as bad as it could've been for west Tennessee's economy. I know of at least four more plants that employ over 100 people in west Tennessee that are considering closing over the next few months and there are also the never ending reports coming out from economists who believe Sears and Kmart are on the verge of going under. That will hurt more west Tennesseans if that happens. One more thing to keep in mind is that Dyersburg is located in the 8th congressional district which is an open seat this year. Mr. Herron represented Dyer County for a good number of years in the Tennessee Legislature and he has been vocal about all the help he provided Dyer County during that time. If more closures continue over the summer and fall as expected in the eighth district. It will make it more likely the GOP will win this seat in November.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Free advertising for local food items

Well its time to post another one of my hillbilly farming events. I bought a gallon of milk from a dairy in Rogersville, Al. this past Saturday. According to the owner the goal is to encourage more people to buy from local dairies and I'll be honest it was pretty good. I had never drunk that kind of milk before. The cattle are grass fed jersey cows and the dairy is called Honest To Goodness Dairy and their phone number is 256-366-9059. I'd recommend checking it out if your in that area anytime soon. I know some people like living the high life and they would never think of buying milk from some old dairy farmer. But hey, what can I say. I am who I am....

Should the Church of Christ start kicking democrat pols out?

I heard an interesting conversation yesterday that was brought up by a church of christ minister in the Tennessee valley. The conversation basically centered around democrat politicians in the state legislatures in Tennessee and Alabama who belong to the conservative Church of Christ but they support liberal politicians at the state capitals in their respective states and they also donate money to the national democratic party who in turn spend money fighting for causes that the church of christ and most churches don't believe in. This person wanted to know if the church should approach those members and basically give them an ultimatum. Either start voting for the causes that the church believes in or get out. Its an interesting and valid question in my opinion. A quick check of the democrat caucus in the Tennessee State House for example shows that there are six members who belong to the conservative church of christ but everyone of them has a voting record that leans to the left. Memphis State Rep. John DeBerry is the only one that I know of in that group who has a leadership role with the church of christ. The leadership at the Church of Christ supported school Freed Hardeman in Henderson, Tn have often said that their satisfied with his votes in the legislature. They say that but he time and time again supports liberals who do not believe what the church supports for leadership positions in Nashville. The other church of christ members who are democrats serving in the state house are Reps. Cobb and Fincher. Thats an interesting duo because the liberals in the state are really behind them on most issues. The list is rounded out by Reps. Bass,Fraley and McDonald. I personally don't believe the church should start "kicking" democrats out of its congregations. But I do believe its important for everyone to maintain a consistent pattern on the pressing social issues of today and that is something that some democrats who belong to the church of christ have obviously not been doing but should start immediately.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Chicken and Egg festival is back!

Boy, northwest Alabama is really buzzing this time of year. George Lindsay(thats Goober from the Andy Griffith show for all you folks in Perry County, Tn) just recently had his annual film festival in Florence, Al. On April 10 and 11 though, Moulton will be having its annual chicken and egg festival. I had the best BBQ chicken Ive ever tasted in my life at this event a few years ago. So its very well worth it if you go. They have all sorts of games at these events from the chicken clucking contest to egg roulette. Plus with it being campaign season, I'm sure everyone running statewide will have some sort of presense at the event. Check out their website for more extremely important info regarding this event at


You know its election season when politicians start having free dinners on Saturday afternoons and thats exactly whats going on this afternoon in Florence, Al. Local City Council member Hermon Graham who is running for State House district 1 is having a free hot dog supper from 1 to 6 today at the Underwood Petersville Community Center. Oh and thats not all, entertainment will be provided by Dennis Odem and the cadillacs. As for me I won't be there, I'm going to hold out for the free fried catfish dinners that usually come in the summer of each election season. But still, I urge everyone to go to these events like the one Mr Graham is having today. They spend so much time taking from us. We might as well spend a little time taking from them....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Good news,bad news for DC GOPers

An independent poll out yesterday in north Mississippi, shows Congressman Travis Childers(D-Booneville) with a 51 to 42% lead over his expected GOP challenger Alan Nunnelee in this falls race. Now to the good news for GOPers. Charlie Cook has moved Hawaii's first congressional district into the toss up category. This seat is currently vacant due to the resignation of Neil Abercrombie who went home to campaign for Governor of Hawaii. This seat hasn't been seriously contested by the GOP since 1994 when a former Ross Perot aide ran against Abercrombie.

Crazy women

Sometimes I just don't understand women and let me give you two examples of why I say that. One concerns my sister's mother in law. This lady is a retired elementary school teacher who attends the tranquil Church of Christ every Sunday in McNairy County. A few months ago this lady blew up all over my sister making wild accusations about her to even the most hurtful thing one could say about a recently deceased lady. This woman claimed that our mom didn't have liver cancer or any cancer for that matter and she also told my sister to get off her property and out of her house. My poor sister loves her son more than anything and our mom never said anything to that lady out of the way but yet she was accused by her of faking cancer. Its a great but yet disappointing example of why you can never really believe in anyone in this world except yourself and your kids. Another example involves a lady in Nashville who had her husband look her in the eye last year a few weeks after she had a brain tumor removed and tell her he didn't find her attractive anymore,he didn't love her and he had "relations" with another woman in THEIR bed. Well guess what! This lady took off to Destin, Fl. this week to spend the week with her ex husband who told her that. Its stories like those,that make me glad I'm single but knowing me. The first woman I see with a tan when I leave her today will probably make me forget all about what I just posted..........

Tempered apology to Marsha Blackburn

This is what happens sometimes when your busy. You don't have time to check everything before you blog about something. I was "informed" by a reader of my blogs that Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn is in fact doing something about the unemployment problems in her district. She is sponsoring a jobs fair today at Freed Hardeman University in Henderson, Tn. Even though the event is now over at the time I'm posting this. The Congressman at least made a public effort in one area of her district so she deserves a tempered apology from me concerning a post I put up from earlier this week criticizing her over the high unemployment rates in her district. So now its back to attacking "ol Roy"(aka Roy Herron). I wonder if he's held a jobs fair in his state senate district lately? He's shown Perry and Humphreys counties that he's pretty much irrelevent when it comes to funding road improvements. The least he could is have a job's fair in that economically depressed area.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Yet more used tires in memphis?

Another 100,000 used tires were removed over the past week in Memphis through their $1 used tire redemption program. Closed to a half million have been removed in all over the past year in Memphis and according to media reports today out of Memphis there were yet still more people waiting in line with truck loads of used tires when they ran out of money. I can't help but shake my head in disgust at that city when I hear stories like that. It shows that a majority of its rseidents just simply don't care for their overall health and surroundings.

Going to hell?

I hate to judge people, especially when I don't know them. But good grief after looking at those pictures John Edward's mistress posed for in GQ WITH her baby and some of the things she said. My gosh I would hate to be those two right now. Elizabeth Edwards is dieing of cancer and him and his mistress continue to go out of their way to torment this lady in her final years. Its just shocking to see Edwards and Rielle Hunter continue to torment Mrs Edwards like this. Whats just as shocking is how close this man came to the White House. These two so called humans give new meaning to the word despicable.

Tn Valley is still struggling

Local unemployment numbers in Tennessee were released last week and it still isn't good for most counties. First off, another locally owned restaurant bit the dust last week. Outtatown which is near Iuka, Ms closed its doors Friday after a five year run. It employed twenty four people so I'm sure this isnt a good month for them. Anyway on to the unemployment rate. The lowest was Lincoln with an 8.3 rate. You can chalk this up to it being next door to the Huntsville, Al. area which is still doing pretty good economically. In McNairy County though, the unemployment rate went up to 14.0 % from 13.4 the previous month. It also recorded the fewest number of county residents with jobs in nineteen years. County Mayor Jai Templeton(R) recently announced he's seeking reelection this summer to a new four year term. I don't know about that considering those employment numbers. This seat is a golden opportunity for the democrats to take back a seat they lost in west Tennessee. Freshman State Rep Vance Dennis(R) also represents this area but given that he's new and that he's done a good job on the other issues in his district. This shouldn't rub off on him this year. I'm surprised though that there aren't rumblings from other Republicans about Marsha Blackburn over this issue. Not only does she represent McNairy County but she also represents other counties like Perry,Hardeman,Decatur and Henderson which have unemployment rates in the mid to upper teens. No matter which party represents you in Congress and the state legislature. They are in charge of drafting economic policies that create a job friendly enviroment in this country so it troubles me that so many in both parties are willing to give the Marsha Blackburn's and the Roy Herron's on the left a free pass on this issue. Unemployment rates above ten percent are unacceptable in a country like ours and anyone in elected office who shrugs should be tossed out.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hot tub time machine:GOP style

I was wondering the other day about the new movie "hot tub time machine" but I wonder how good it'll do now after the State House Majority Leader in Utah released his own version of the "hot tub time machine". State Rep Kevin Garn(R) resigned today after it was discovered he sat nude in a hot tub with a 15 year old teenage girl twenty five years ago when he was 30 years old. Oh and like that wasn't bad enough, he paid the lady who is now 40 years old $150,000 back in 2002 to keep quiet when he ran for Congress. But she popped up again just recently and she claims she only popped up again to make her and his life better but who who knows. That sounds kinf of fishy to me. When will these people ever learn? Is it any wonder they've nearly driven us all into bankruptcy?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random tidbits from around the area

The streak of not reaching 70 degrees in Memphis officially ended this past Monday. It ended up being 112 straight days of not reaching 70. Which comes in as the 7th longest streak in modern times for the Memphis area. So how about that global warming! Hanceville, Al this week voted down an effort to go wet in their city which is right off I-65 going toward Birmingham. The no vote won by about 30 votes. Their not the only little town with a wet/dry vote scheduled this summer. Next up is Good Hope, Al. which also sits right off I-65 in Cullman County, Al. Its always interesting to hear the no voters in those small towns. Its almost as if their living in their own little world when you hear their arguments on staying dry. Drunk men in the streets,strippers,mobsters. You name it and the dry crowd in Hanceville spread it leading up to the vote this past Tuesday. Finally the NAIA Womens basketball tournament starts next week at Oman Arena in Jackson, Tn. If your in the area you better go support it because its well known Jackson is living on borrowed time when it comes to keeping this tournament in town.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fresh and organic meat&chicken 4 sale in the Tennessee valley

If you enjoy the best lamb,chicken and turkey free of all the drugs that they come with in stores like Wal Mart then I suggest you give the folks listed below a call here in the next few days.

pols going to the pokey and other tidbits from Saban country

Yesterday a Federal Judge in Birmingham sentenced former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford(D) to 15 years in prison and he's due to report to prison on April 5 to begin serving that sentence. Its a tragic fall for a man who held such great promise just a few short years ago. In other news from the state thats currently occupied by the great lord Nick Saban. Brian over at and the gals from the left in alabama blog are reporting that former State Senate President Hinton Mitchem(D) will retire from the Alabama State Senate this year. This really isnt that much of a surprise. Word has been circulating for a few years now that this would be his last term. It will provide the GOP an excellant chance to win his state senate seat though in November. The casino...oops I mean bingo parlor known as Victoryland reopened yesterday despite threats from Governor Riley and District Attorney John Tyson that they will have the state troopers storm the place and confiscate all the gambling machines. The owner of the bingo parlor, Milton McGregor and the Sheriff in that county have threatened to pull a "George Wallace Sr stand in front of the school house door stunt" if Riley and Tyson follow through on their stunt. That would make for some very entertaining TV to see that but it certainly wouldn't help the public perception of the state. So I doubt that will happen given Riley's business acumen. I do find it very curious though that the anti-gambling crowd is having hyperbolic heart attacks in front of the media on this issue. But they don't mention one word about the porn problem in Alabama which by the way is much worse then being hooked on gambling. A friend told me a few years ago it took them 20 minutes to pull out of the raceway gas station on highway 72 in west Huntsville because the porn shop next door was having a porn star sign autographs. They said the parking lot was overflowing with what looked like the whose who of sex offenders in Alabama. You can also travel up and down I-65 and other highways in north Alabama and you will see billboards advertising joints called "The Boobie Bungalow" and "Big Ted and the chicken scratch gals" welcomes aboard "Big Tits McGraw" to the crew. No one says one word about that but let old grandma so and so go into a bingo parlor and all hell suddenly breaks lose in the state. Only in Alabama.....

Friday, March 5, 2010

One dies & another one is born

Sears announced today that it will close 21 of its Sears and Kmart stores over the next two months. One of those slated for closure is the Sears store in Columbia, Tn. Thats not a huge surprise because that store was built back in the 70's in the outdated inside mall design. The new Wal Mart supercenter which was built next door to it about seven years ago had been killing it in sales pretty much since it opened. Its also common knowledge that it will be a small miracle if Sears/Kmart makes it to the end of the year alive. Wal Mart has pretty much slaughtered it all across small town USA. Its so bad at the Kmart in Cullman, Al. for example, they have closed all of its checkout lines except one. But as one retail outlet winds down its final days on earth, another one is born and begins the process of slowly growing. A retail business that is mainly based south of I-20 in south Mississippi recently announced plans to open up a distribution facility in northeast Mississippi. The owner of the company stated the new facility was necessary because they plan on opening stores in southern Tennessee and across north Mississippi,north Alabama and north Georgia later this year.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elections in Hardin County, Tn

Hardin County, Tn is unique in a lot of ways when it comes to its elections process. They don't have partisan elections like most of the counties in Tennessee do and the filing deadline for county offices is different as well. So far I don't really see any "barnburners" taking shape in the county but then again I haven't lived there in years so I'm not exactly close to the scene. In the County Mayor's race, incumbent Kevin Davis is seeking a third term in office. So far his only challengers are LC Harris and Bill Brown. I believe Mr Brown ran for the State House two years ago if I'm not mistaken. The Sheriff's race will feature longtime incumbent Sammy Davidson seeking another term. So far it looks like he will be facing mainly retreads from the past and no names. If anyone comes close it might be former Deputy Jim Davis who I thought got a raw deal in the '02 election. One other candidate in this race that is interesting is Charles Seaton. Now let me say up front, I've never met this gentleman so its nothing personal. But come on sir, surely you have to know the negative feeling that people have with your last name when it comes to law enforcement in Hardin County. Its like Harold Ford Jr over in Memphis when he ran for the US Senate. His last name absolutely killed his chances in the end. The only other top job in the county is the road superintendent position. This job has been controlled by the Blount family for most of my life with the exception of a four year absence in the late 90's so I doubt anyone will step forward to challenge Paul Blount. By the way if the state legislature wanted to do something useful with county offices. They could start by abolishing elected offices like road superintendent and letting people vote for county schools superintendent(like we used to). One final note concerns freshman State Rep. Vance Dennis(R), so far no one has officially filed to challenge him but its well known that state democrat party chairman Chip Forrester has been shaking the bushes searching for a democrat to challenge him. So I would expect someone on the democrat side to file here in the next month. But given the recent trends in that district I doubt who ever it is will come close to defeating Rep. Dennis in November. If party infighting hadn't broken out in the special election to replace the late Rep. Wolfe in 1990. I don't believe the democrats would've ever controlled this seat in recent times.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get to Birmingham QUICK and touch Larry Langford.....

before he's sent off to live happily ever after in federal prison. Tax returns obtained by the Birmingham News show that former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford won an astounding 555 bingo jackpots worth an unbelievable 1.5 million dollars. Either Mr Langford is the luckiest human of all time or he's the crookedest. My guess is its the latter but I'd be interested to know how him and the bingo parlor owner Milton McGregor pulled this scam off. Also today federal prosecutors filed their pre sentenceing reports for Mr Langford. Their asking the judge to sentence Mr Langford to 24 years in federal prison on the corruption charges he was found guilty of late last year. That would essentially be a life/death sentence for Mr Langford because he's already in his 60's.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Interesting local climate change news

Tim Simpson who is the chief meteorologist at WREG in Memphis posted an interesting story on his blog the other day. It seems the Memphis, Tn area is currently in the midst of its eighth longest streak of not reaching 70 degrees in modern history. Its now been 106 days since Memphis reached 70 degrees outside. The last time it was 70 or above was back on November 15 2009. I knew it had been a while but I wasn't aware it had been that long.