Friday, February 26, 2010

Kim McMillan vs Mike McWherter

With today's announcement by State Senate Minority Leader Jim Kyle(D) that he's dropping out of the race for Governor. Tennessee democrats are now down to Kim McMillan and Mike McWherter. McWherter is the son of the legendary former Governor Ned Ray McWherter(D). I'm not sure he's the right choice though because he will easily allow the Tennessee GOP to once again say "see there goes the democrat party once again turning its top positions over to family members of well known democrats". How many defeats will it take before Tennessee democrats realize thats not a winning strategy? Ford Jr.,Sasser,Gore,Ty Cobb(UPS Driver),Clement are a few who have gone down in flames on election day using that strategy. As far as former State House Majority Leader Kim McMillan(D) goes, its real simple in my opinion. For a woman to get elected to a chief executive position such as Mayor or Governor in a rural based state like Tennessee she has to be physically attractive to men and Mrs McMillan just doesn't fit that qualification. Now I'm sure she's a great wife and mom so I don't mean anything personal by it. But men in rural areas just will not listen to any woman besides their wives that doesn't catch their eye. Thats also why there aren't many female county mayors in this state. The few that do run every now and then are just like Mrs. McMillan in that they have a bland run of the mill physical appearance about them. The democrats every now and then wise up and realize what kind of woman it takes to win a top spot in a rural area. A few years ago in central Alabama for example their nominee for a top judicial post was a well qualified but also a physically attractive brunette who came out on the winning side when election day rolled around against the GOP nominee who was an attractive blond paralegal. Im not saying its right but thats just the way it is in a state like Tennessee where the rural male vote easily overrides the urban vote in Memphis and Nashville. So after today it looks more and more like the GOP will win the Governors race in Tennessee this fall.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More buzz in Jackson, Tn. political circles

The only democrat talk show host in rural west Tn. has bit the dust in political terms according to the Jackson Sun. Harrell Carter who used to host a late night talk show on 101.5 WNWS in Jackson was let go yesterday by the station after working for them for over a decade. Mr Carter announced last week that he was running for Madison County Mayor so that was the main reason behind his dismissal. This isn't Mr. Carter's first foray into politics. He ran as an independent back in 1998 for the state senate seat in Jackson. He came in a distant third that year behind the incumbent Bobby Carter(R) and the democrat challenger Joe Nip McKnight. It was theorized by some at the time that he jumped into this race mainly to put a stop to Joe Nip's never ending over the top attacks on Mr Carter. Senator Carter and former Senator McKnight had been the nominees for this senate seat in the 1986,1990,1994 and 1998 elections and by the time '98 rolled around some in the democrat party had become so tired of Joe Nip's antics that word was they gave a wink and a nod to Harrell to jump in and put a stop to this once and for all. In the end though it didnt matter, because Harrell didnt receive a large enough vote to make a difference in the 1998 race. Joe Nip had apparently turned off more people in the democrat party than they realized so Harrell's campaign was pointless in the end. Ive met Harrell a few times over the years and he's a very likeable guy. He's also the head of the Madison County NAACP chapter. It'll be interesting to see how he performs in the primary. I just don't see him winning the general, if he does win the primary because of the GOP trends in Madison County, Tn. But maybe he can join his old 101.5 pal George B. Scott over at 99.3 in Lexington once the campaign is over. George B was fired as well from 101.5 last year over his stance on liquor and wine being sold in Tennessee's stores.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few tidbits from Bama and Cajun country.

The Alabama GOP won a state house seat this week that was left vacant when the democrat incumbent passed away late last year. The democrat majority in the Alabama state house is now down to a 60-45 margin. Thats the closest its ever been. It could shrink even further over the next few weeks because the rumor mill is hot with possible party switchers from the central Alabama area coming over before the early April filing deadline. In Lousianna, Jeff Sadow has a few stories up on his blog talking about how the GOP led State House down there might draw the new redistricting maps later this year. Professor Sadow believes the black democrats who helped install Speaker Tucker(R) in that post will join with him again and draw most of the remaining rural white dems out of their seats when the time comes as long as their ranks in the black caucus increase. Its an interesting deal they have going on down there. Who said John Wilder style bipartisanship was dead?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Whats bothering Mr Turnbow

I saw Taylor Swift on TV today at lunch and this will sound cruel. But everytime I see this girl I can't help but think of one question. Which path will she take? Will she do what LeAnn Rimes and Tanya Tucker did when they hit their mid twenties and start bedding literally every man they get their hands on? Or will she do what Debbie Gibson,Britney Spears and Mindy McCready did and get caught snorting crack off a toilet lid in Florida at a Fudpucker's and then have wild sex with a bunch of men? Lets face it, the recent history of teenage girls in country and pop music isn't good. Chances are she will take that path instead of a more morally acceptable path over the next ten years. If you ever wanted to be a county schools superintendent then I suggest you head to Crockett County, Tn. early next week because I have a hunch there's going to be an opening there pretty soon. The current "gentleman" who holds that position was picked up in Nashville this week for trying to pick up a prostitute who just happened to be an undercover cop. The Jackson Sun has his mugshot and lets just say its not a happy one as you might imagine. Well thats all for this riveting edition of whats bugging Mr Turnbow but tune in again for the next edition of whats bothering Mr. Turnbow when I'll discuss crazy liberal teachers in Huntsville, Al. and make up sex with a sex addict.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Just how deep in trouble are the democrats in DC?

Today Charlie Cook updated his outlook on US House races this fall and in one race he moved 34 year incumbent West Virginia Congressman Nick Rahall(D) from the safe democrat category to the toss up category. He also has longtime Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton(D) in the lean democrat category and he has the seat left open by the unfortunate death of John Murtha as a toss up. He also has 30 year incumbent Congressman John Spratt(D) in the lean democrat category. Overall at this point he predicts the GOP will gain somewhere between 25 to 35 seats. They need 40 to take over, so their close. The point is though, that when you start seeing longtime Congressman like I just named sinking in the polls like they have over the last six months. It isn't a question of if a GOP tsunami is on the way in November, but how big will it be?

Small towns,recycling and budgets

I heard over the weekend that Henderson, Tn. sold their old water tower for scrap metal to help their budget situation. Freed Hardeman University hired a company that recycles old bricks to come in and tear down one of their old buildings recently in Henderson. I'm surprised more of these small towns aren't doing some thing along those lines. There are numerous situations across the mid south and Tennessee valley where there are vacant buildings and water towers that are owned by the local government but they aren't being used and likely never will be used. Why not bring in a company that recycles old brick or metals and hire them to tear down and haul off the old towers and buildings? It sure beats just letting the structure sit there and literally rot to the ground like so many are today across the valley and mid south area.

Qualifying day around west Tennessee

Today was the qualifying deadline for county elections around Tennessee. Just a few headlines scanning over the names in west Tennessee. Interim Shelby County Mayor Joe Ford(brother of convicted felon John Ford and uncle of New York US Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr.) filed to run for Shelby County Mayor today after swearing up and down a few months ago when he was appointed interim Mayor that he would NOT run for a full term. Anyone want to make a bet that he runs against Congressman Steve Cohen in 2012...if Cohen is still in office? Lord knows Ford will still be there. Over in Madison County, Tn. it seems the democrat primary there for County Mayor is a fight between two leaders of the black community. Former radio talk show host,1998 state senate candidate and current Madison County NAACP leader Harrell Carter will challenge Jackson City Councilman Ernest Brooks for the right to lose to incumbent County Mayor Jimmy Harris(R) in the general election. In the Madison County Sheriff's race it looks like 16 year incumbent Sheriff David Woolfork will be re-elected. His only challenger is a relative unknown gentleman by the name of Alan Baxter. Woolfork is an interesting man. He's the only african american elected official in Madison county who leans to the democrat side of the aisle. He didn't run for Congress because of some personal feelings from what I was told but that would've been a very good primary between him and Herron if you ask me. The lawman vs. the preacher man. Oh what could've been!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Let's do some IMPEACHING Volunteer style!

Someone ran ads in the Corinth, Ms. newspaper( ) over the weekend asking people to volunteer to gather signatures on a petition asking for President Obama to be impeached. If your interested, the address this person wants you to get in touch with them at is:

P.O. Box 67
Michie, Tn. 38357

Have fun!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Freak wing of the GOP is shameful

I watched some of the tea party convention last weekend in Nashville and I have to say I was pretty diappointed in the whole event. First of all to charge people to come to the event was truly absurd. That was a huge glaring indicator right there that the people behind this particular convention were more concerned with their own fame and fortune than they were with the millions of small town conservative minded people in this country who are struggling because of high taxes. Speaking of taxes you would assume that would've been the main focus of this convention. But apparently taxes weren't on the minds of a lot of the speakers who spoke at this event. You had the publisher of the World Net Daily talking about Obama's birth certificate and there were others who ranted and raved on stage about illegal immigration, Obama being a socialist,communist and pretty much everything else under the sun. None of that rhetoric of course has a single thing to do with high taxes which this movement is suppose to be about. Millions of small town folks are hurting in this country and most of them agree with conservative principles of low taxes and making do with what you have especially in tough times like these. But you turn them off in droves when you start rattling off issues that have no direct impact on their current financial struggles. Look, I'm pro-life and I'm against gay marriage but those issues along with the weird birther movement and other absurd rantings from the far right are absolutely irrelevent to the everyday person in this country right now. Why conservatives were focused on these issues especially at the tea party convention last weekend is beyond me. The focus of the tea party movement should start and end with economic issues concerning low and middle income people. The democrat party has failed this country on a huge scale when it comes to tax issues and conservatives have a golden opportunity to seize on that this November but they will regret it for decades if they let the freak wing of their movement continue to hijack the tea party movement in this country. One final thing I'd like to say about last weekend's event concerns Sarah Palin. I believe this lady is the clear frontrunner for the GOP nomination in 2012 against Obama. The Mike Huckabee's and Mitt Romney's do not hold a candle to this lady. But she made a bad mistake showing up last weekend in Nashville at this event. She should've withdrew like Marsha Blackburn and Michelle Bachman did. Hopefully it won't hurt her in the long run though.

Special state house election in Bear Saban land next week

The special election to replace the late Alabama State House Rep Lea Fite will take place next Tuesday in House district 40. It pits KL Brown(R) against Ricky Whaley(D). Most people believe Mr Brown should win this seat. He's polling ahead of Mr Whaley just outside the margin of error from what I heard. Mr Brown owns a funeral home and Mr Whaley did teach at a local school before he entered this race. If Mr. Brown does win it will knock the democrat majority in the Alabama State House down to a 60-45 margin. That would be the closest its ever been in the state house. One more note from Alabama concerns a senate race the GOP won in Huntsville last summer. Former Senate Majority Leader Jeff Enfinger(D) announced he will challenge State Senator Paul Sanford(R) this fall for his old seat. Mr Enfinger held this seat for 8 years before Parker Griffith held it for two years before he was elected to Congress. But Mr Enfinger comes with a lot of baggage. He won his first senate race in 1998 as a Republican but he quickly pulled a dirty trick right after the election and switched to the democrat party. Then the main reason why he left the senate in 2006 had to do with his personal life. Lets just say the city of Huntsville learned what it was like in 2006 to have an Eliot Spitzer,Mark Sanford and John Edwards type pol in their midst.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Conspiracy theories and John Edward's

I've been watching this disgusting ordeal unfold once again the past few weeks with what Edwards did to his wife and it got me to thinking. What else have politicians have lied about in the past but unlike Edwards, they got away with it. Can you imagine if the country had elected him President? You could go as far as to make a viable claim that he could've faced treason charges if he had won in 2008. I know people scoff(and rightfully so?) at the 9/11 consipracy theories and the birthers. But just think about what Edwards came very close to pulling off and then ask yourself, are the birthers, 9/11 truthers,Alex Jones,George Norry,Art Bells and other conspiracy groups really that crazy? Its just something we should all think about the next time we see a politician speak. Now if you will excuse me I'm going to go find my old New World Order t-shirt and think about the good old 90's when grown men walked around saying their NWO-4-Life.

Tennessee Sheriffs and Mayors switching jobs

Im about a week late on this but Shelby County, Tn. Sheriff Mark Luttrell(R) announced he's going to run for Shelby County Mayor this year. The Sheriff has done a pretty good job compared to the last two men that were Sheriff in Shelby County. He also has a certain crossover appeal to democrats in the Memphis area. Thats very important to have in a county that clearly tilts to the left. Its also no secret that Sheriff Luttrell doesnt think a lot of certain GOPers in the Memphis area. He didn't show up by mistake at that fundraiser last fall for the democrat that ran against State Senator Brian Kelsey(R). In Gibson County, Tn. it seems the old sheriff who is now the county mayor wants to be sheriff again. Got it? County Mayor Joe Shepherd(D) is challengeing his former chief deputy who is now the sheriff in the democrat primary this summer. The county mayor was the longtime sheriff of Gibson County until four years ago when he ran for Mayor and was elected to that post. Apparently being Mayor of Gibson County wasn't what Mr. Shepherd thought it would be.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tidbits from the road

WOW! What a Super Bowl! The Colts fortunes sunk so far south and so fast after the first quarter the other night I bet they passed former US Senator John Edwards on the road to hell before midnight Sunday. Speaking of pretty white boys. I saw a recent pic of former Chicago Cubs Sammy Sosa the other day. Wow! What is it with some of these rich minorities wanting so bad to be white that they willing to start bleaching their skin. I don't get it. Congressman John Murtha passed away yesterday which is sad news. This presents the GOP with a weird problem though. A lot of their democrat boogeymen are rapidly disappearing. Ted Kennedy is no longer with us,Hillary left the US Senate to be Secretary of State, Harry Reid will probably be defeated in November if the GOP nominee runs a decent race out there. Sure they still have Pelosi but if they lose upwards of 30 to 39 seats this fall you would have to imagine that Steny Hoyer will challenge her and almost certainly defeat her. Hoyer is no where near the polarizing figure that Pelosi is. So there's a good chance that this time next year the only democrat boogeymen left in Washington will be President Obama and Al Franken. One final note concerns the congressional race in north Mississippi on the GOP side. I've heard nothing but good things about former Eupora, Ms. Mayor Henry Ross(R). Thats why I'm sorry to say this but when he wears his glasses the poor man looks like a cross between a serial killer and a sexual predator. The GOP race for this seat should be interesting, yesterday Fox News analyst Angela McGlowan announced she's running against Ross and Nunnelee in the GOP primary. A well respected black woman running against two white guys in a GOP primary in north Mississippi. Ah how times have changed. Should be an interesting summer in north Mississippi.....


Public Strategy Associates released a poll today on the GOP primary in Alabama for Governor and Attorney General. In the Governors race it showed former State Senator Bradley Byrne in the lead with 20% followed by Ex Judge Roy Moore with 17% and developer Tim James was third with 8%. The thing that stands out in that race is Roy Moore in second place. I personally don't believe he'll make it into a runoff with Byrne because of the excess baggage that he carries and most importantly he doesn't have the money that Byrne and James has. So we'll see in early June but I wouldn't bet on him winning. In the Attorney General's race on the GOP side, its everybodys favorite accused homosexual Attorney General Troy King in the lead with 27% followed closely by "Big" Luther Strange at 24%. Folks this race is going to get real nasty by the time the primary heats up in May. Some in the King camp sincerely believe that the homosexual rumors from 2008 were started by Big Luther's side and passed along to democrat operatives. So there is no love lost between these two GOPers. If I had to bet right now my money would go on Strange defeating King but it'll be close.