Sunday, December 19, 2010

Redistricting wishlist for new GOP TN legislature

A lot of conservatives in Tennessee are upset that the moderate State Rep. Beth Harwell(R-Nashville) was chosen to be the new Speaker of the Tennessee State House starting next month. Unlike some in the blogging community I by no means claim to speak for the "masses". But one thing Beth could do to calm this conservative bloggers apprehension about her imminent Speakership is to come out with a redistricting plan either next year or in early 2012 that makes it next to impossible for State Reps Jimmy Naifeh, Mike Kernell and Kent Williams to win reelection in two years. I realize Mr Naifeh is rumored to be considering retirement. The story goes he see's the handwriting on the wall and will jump out before the GOP shoves him out. But its still necessary to redraw his current district to make sure one of his many cronies can't win in case he does voluntarily bail out. Naifeh and his cronies have time and again stood in the way of conservative causes over the years and to put it frankly its high time to make them pay, politically speaking of course. The same goes for Kent Williams. What he did two years ago represents what is so wrong with numerous pols in both parties. They will lie openly and willingly as long as it benefits their own personal gain. Beth, Mr Williams has to pay in political terms severely for his lies and only you have the power to make him pay. If his district is not redrawn to make it impossible for him to win in '12 then this blogger will be extremely disappointed in you. The final person that this conservative would like for you to send into a new career in early 2013 is Mike Kernell. My biggest issue with him is that he has essentially lived off the state government his entire adult life. But you and Governor-elect Haslam for that matter owe it to the everyday conservatives in this country who admire Sarah Palin as a decent hardworking lady who worked her way up to where she is today without some rich husband or rich daddy. Sure Mike Kernell didn't know what his immature son was up too but still its his responsiblity to teach his son there are boundaries in politics and he obviously didn't do that and for that you should make him pay by terminating his current legislative district. If you do that then you will quickly ease the nerves of most mainstream conservatives(like myself) in Tennessee and you will quickly gain the respect of many conservatives nationwide.

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