Friday, October 1, 2010

My wish for the Tennessee GOP

One of the things that have disturbed me about the GOP controlling the Tennessee state legislature the past two years is their lack of action on conservative issues. A lot of hard working good decent conservatives from Beale Street to Bristol from Red Bank to Dyersburg got out there over the past ten years and beat the bushes and helped the GOP take over both chambers of the legislature for the first time in modern history in 2008. One would assume that the Republicans in Nashville would feel a sense of obligation to these good folks and help push some of their issues through the legislature. But that hasnt been the case so far. The legislature caved on the judicial selection bill and ended up renewing the plan that was pushed through by democrats years ago. To this day, the Attorney General in Tennessee is still picked by a group of "democrat insiders" up in Nashville instead of the people of Tennessee which is the way it should be. Is it any wonder Lt Governor Ron Ramsey(R) went down in flames two months ago in the Governor's primary? He's just been rubberstamping what the democrats did in the old days. I realize Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam(R) who is in all likelihood the next Governor of Tennessee is reluctant to stray from the economic theme of his campaign. But he owes it to conservatives across the state to start reversing these communistesque maneuvers the democrats passed in the "old days" and let the people decide who they want in these statewide positions. If the Tennessee GOP doesn't start acting like conservatives and soon, then we will likely see a scenario happen in this state like what happened in Virginia a few years ago. Conservatives threw up their hands in disgust up there and the democrats staged a remarkable comeback in a state that most observers thought was a rock solid GOP state.

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