Monday, October 4, 2010

Lets do a little waltzing with a dash of an October surprise Bama style, shall we?

Five and half years after the Tennessee waltz sting went down in Nashville. The FBI and Justice Department made a return trip to the deep south to gobble up about a dozen more crooked legislators and lobbyists. This time it was in Alabama and it involved gambling in the state. Well known gambling kingpin Milton McGregor was the "topdog" that went down today along with a few more lobbyists in Montgomery. But in political terms the big news out of todays events is the legislators that were arrested. State Senator Larry Means(D) was arrested along with retiring State Senator Jim Preuitt(R) who abruptly retired a few weeks ago and State Senator Quinton Ross and last but least State Senator Harri Anne Smith(I). Means and Smith are involved in highly competitive reelection races so I'm guessing this will pretty much bring a death blow to their campaigns.

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