Friday, September 3, 2010

Whats the deal with Nashville GOPers?

I continue to be amazed at just how inept the Davidson County, Tn. GOP is. The GOP is scoring historic wins in every other region of the state but for some reason they can't even win one office in Davidson County. Its really even more disgusting from a GOP perspective when you look at what happened in Shelby County, Tn last month. Shelby is a huge democrat county, just like Davidson and by the way it has a much higher african american population than Davidson. But somehow the Shelby County GOP swept all the main county offices last month in the county elections. They have also controlled the district attorney's office for the last few decades and up until four years ago they had controlled the county commission for a few decades as well. You also have other regions of the state like Madison,Chester and Henderson counties where you can no longer find a single elected democrat holding a county office. But given all that success on the county level, the GOP in Nashville for some reason can't seem to breakthrough the stranglehold that democrats have on that city. Part of that has to do with GOP officials becoming easily distracted by pretty foolish side issues such as the Matt Collins affair. But most of it has to do with a lack of organization and the sad truth that most of the past and present leaders of the Davidson County GOP cared more about promoting themselves than promoting the party that they claim to care so much about.

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