Saturday, August 14, 2010

GOP loses a close one in west Tennessee

Local legendary car dealer Dwain Seaton(I) ended up defeating Patricia Jones(R) by three votes in the Chester County, Tn. Mayor's race after the local election commission accepted the final few provisional ballots yesterday. On election night he lead Jones by two votes. Its now been sixteen years since the GOP has won the county mayor's post in Chester County. Real estate agent Anthony Bolton won in 1994 but was defeated by Troy Kilzer(D) in 1998. Mayor Kilzer(D) chose not to run for reelection this year to a fourth term. Its weird how these trends play out. The GOP controls every other office in the county and is now a very reliable GOP county in legislative and statewide races but for some reason they can't win the Mayor's post. The same goes for the Madison County GOP next door with the Sheriff's office.

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