Saturday, August 28, 2010

Election roundup

Just a few tidbits Ive heard while Ive been out and about as of late. The recently defeated Cullman County, Al Commissioner Doug Williams(R) has gone back to work full time at his family's funeral home business. Ive heard his name mentioned as a possible challenger to Cullman County Commission Chairman James Graves(R) in 2012 so we may not have seen the last of him in the political world. Up in Chester County, Tn. Patricia Jones(R) decided against a court challenge in her race against Chester County car dealer Dwain Seaton(I) for the County Mayor's post. She ended up losing by just three votes. Hmm Shelby County, Tn democrats should learn a lesson from Patricia and drop this nonsense their spewing. An interesting development in Mississippi this week. The state democrat chairman Jaime Franks went to court to sue the school superintendent in Tupelo, Ms. The details of the lawsuit are sheer nonsense. What this is really about is that Mr Franks can't get over the fact that his wife left him for the good old school superintendent and this has him all upset. Longtime democrat state Senator Jim Preuitt who switched to the GOP a few months ago abruptly ended his reelection campaign this week in Talladega, Al. No reason was given for the withdrawal although age and other personal factors such as the very public loss of his grandson probably weighed heavily on him the last few years. Thats all I have for now.....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

GOP loses a close one in west Tennessee

Local legendary car dealer Dwain Seaton(I) ended up defeating Patricia Jones(R) by three votes in the Chester County, Tn. Mayor's race after the local election commission accepted the final few provisional ballots yesterday. On election night he lead Jones by two votes. Its now been sixteen years since the GOP has won the county mayor's post in Chester County. Real estate agent Anthony Bolton won in 1994 but was defeated by Troy Kilzer(D) in 1998. Mayor Kilzer(D) chose not to run for reelection this year to a fourth term. Its weird how these trends play out. The GOP controls every other office in the county and is now a very reliable GOP county in legislative and statewide races but for some reason they can't win the Mayor's post. The same goes for the Madison County GOP next door with the Sheriff's office.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Great week for Tn GOP

It was a pretty good week for the GOP in Tennessee. On the county level, the GOP had some pretty good victories especially in west Tennessee. They knocked off the democrat Sheriff in McNairy County, Tn. and in turn gained a majority of the county offices in McNairy County. They also won the Shelby County Mayor's race by knocking out one of the infamous Ford brothers and they held the Sheriff's office in Shelby as well by defeating a top aide to Congressman Steve Cohen. In Madison County, Tn. they won an unbelievable 18 of the 25 county commission seats in that county and won all of the county offices except Sheriff. They may also end up winning the Chester County Mayor's race for the first time in sixteen years where their nominee Patricia Jones currently trails independent candidate Dwain Seaton by two votes with numerous provisional ballots left to be counted. Over in middle and east Tennessee they also scored some pretty good wins. For instance they knocked off the longtime Rutherford County, Tn. Sheriff Truman Jones with a relative unknown former deputy on Jones staff. On the Congressional level the more mainstream of GOP congressional candidates in district 6 won her race. State Senator Diane Black just barely knocked off the very polarizing Lou Ann Zelenik and in east Tennessee the more mainstream Chuck Fleishman knocked off former GOP chairwoman Robin Smith in their bid to replace the outgoing Zach Wamp in Congress. Those two wins and even the huge Steve Cohen landslide win over former Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton just reinforces the fact that while Tennessee is a state that is drifting more and more to the right with each passing day. Its still a state that doesn't put up with polarizing blowhards on either side who are saying things just to get elected.