Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tennessee endorsements by yours truly

Take this for what its worth but here are my endorsements for next weeks elections in Tennessee. In Hardin County, Tn. its my opinion that Jim Davis should be elected Sheriff. Sammy Davidson is the current Sheriff and has been in power for most of the last quarter century. During that time we have seen drug and alcohol use skyrocket in the county and that has more often than not lead into some pretty violent crimes. We have had a pretty gruesome beheading and so many violent crimes committed against children and the elderly during that time that it would give you a headache. Sure it is ultimately up to the individual to make their own lifes better. But its up to the sheriff in each county to develop programs that leads people who have gone down the wrong path on minor issues back to the correct path and sheriff Davidson more often than not seems to be spinning his wheels when it comes to this. Thats why its my hope that Jim Davis is elected Sheriff next week. Mr Davis is a former employee of the department who left years ago to run for Sheriff in 2002. He's an interesting candidate who brings out a lot of strong emotions from his opponents for some strange reason. But in the end he has a resume that leads me to believe Hardin Countians should give him a chance. They have given Sammy twenty years and the situation is not good. Sure Sammy Davidson took over the Sheriffs office during a time when it seemed that pretty much every law enforcement member in west Tennessee was a crook and he's done a good job of restoring peoples faith in that area. But there's more to being a good Sheriff than hiring ethical employees. Its my belief that Mr Davis will not only continue to do that but he will also iniate programs that will at least attempt to lower the crime rates in Hardin County and thats why he deserves to be elected Sheriff next week. In the Governor's race I'm voting for Bill Haslam. Mr Haslam has been the Mayor of Knoxville since 2003 and his family owns Pilot Oil which has numerous truck stops along the interstates in this area of the country. His two opponents in the GOP primary just never clicked with me. Congressman Zach Wamp ran a pretty good campaign. I thought his TV ads for example were pretty good and most of platform is just what the state needs. But in the end its his record that did him in for me. He broke his promise on term limits, he voted numerous times for programs put forth by both Clinton and Bush that are nothing but economic boondoggles that have put this country in great economic peril. But most importantly to a lot of GOP voters is that his resume looks a lot like another GOP Congressman who ran for Tennessee Governor in 1994 and this voter for one doesn't want to go back down that road anytime soon. Mr Haslam's other GOP opponent is Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey. Now let me say this about Mr Ramsey. He deserves a lot of credit for the GOP having the huge majority that they have in the state senate today. It was him that put a stop to the go along to get along wing of the GOP senate that use to reign in the GOP caucus. But since he has become Lt. Governor he has failed numerous times to pass conservative issues that this state desperately should have. Take the judicial selection issue for example. Most conservatives in the state wanted direct elections of our judges but Mr. Ramsey caved to the democrats and pretty much renewed the selection bill as it was. I personally heard Ramsey's backers claim that if he hadn't done what he did then the entire judicial system in Tennessee would've come to a halt. That reminds me of the old Mo Udall-goolah story where a group of native americans kept yelling goolah everytime he said he wanted to give them something for free. It turned out goolah is another word for "bull excrement". Mr Ramsey also caved and passed a democrat backed budget in 2009 and in the end he just has been a huge disappointment to me. That brings me to Mr Haslam. Sure he isn't the kind of conservative that I'd like to have but unlike other people. He hasn't lived off the government payroll for decades and his family company has created jobs in low income rural areas for people who would severely struggle otherwise. His overall background makes him very qualified and he far surpassess his GOP opponents and the democrat nominee in this race who by the way wouldn't even be in this race if it weren't for his last name. Those are pretty much the only two heated races going on along the southeastern part of west Tennessee next week. There is a heated sheriffs race in McNairy County, Tn that will determine which party controls a majority of the county seats for the next two years but I don't know much about it to give an educated opinion.

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