Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bad news for west state dems and other rumblings...

Just how bad off are Chester County democrats this year? Well you know its pretty bad when your nominee for county court clerk was arrested earlier this year in next door McNairy County for having a marijuana pipe in her car. The story goes from the trooper that arrested her that since no one in Amanda Hostetler's car claimed ownership of the pipe then he had no choice but to arrest Ms. Hostetler. Now I don't know about you but if I had been in her spot and the pipe didn't belong to me as she "claims"(wink wink). I would've run through my mind real quick who I thought the pipe most likely belonged to and I would've started blabbing the name at the top of my lungs at that point. Thats what a credible person would've done but Ms. Hostetler didn't do that so you can pretty much put a fork in her political future. Next door in Hardin County it is still relatively quiet compared to recent elections. We are now under a month to the county elections in most of Tennessee and unless something strange happens. I fully expect to see all the current countywide incumbents in Hardin County reelected. I have to wonder where all these folks go come election time that are always screaming from the mountaintops about how things are run in Hardin County but when crunch time gets here they suddenly disappear. I heard it last year about the construction of the new schools. I heard it in the 2002 sheriff's race but it always ends the same in Hardin County, Tn. it seems. The incumbents win and suddenly the naysayers reappear once again. Its strange but its the way things are in Hardin County.

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