Saturday, July 10, 2010

Alabama run off for Governor

The run off is this Tuesday in Alabama to determine who will be the GOP nominee for Governor this year. Two polls last week showed little known upstart Dr Robert Bentley with a double digit lead over the establishment choice Bradley Byrne. I have been told by people in the Cullman, Al area that its their understanding that the race is tied in internal polling going into this final weekend. Thats a little more credible if you ask me. But even if the GOP insiders in Cullman are correct, its still surprising to see Dr Bentley doing this well. Im not on Bradley Byrne's staff or anything but I really havent heard anything all that negative about Mr Byrne that would cause him to lose to Dr Bentley next week. So that makes it even more of a head scratcher to see him in a deadheat with his opponent. Now Dr Bentley on the other hand has had a few strange moves in the runoff. He fired his campaign leadership right after he secured a spot in the runoff and replaced them with Mike Huckabee's former staffers. That was a strange move and his open flirtation with the democratic establishment in Montgomery is also another strange move especially in a GOP runoff when only the really motivated folks(ie real conservative voters) usually vote. Bradley Byrne though secured the public endorsements of Congressman Jo Bonner and Governor Riley earlier this week. So its clear that Mr Byrne is worried about losing this Tuesday. I still think Byrnes wins it next week and goes on to win in November. But thats just a guess after all...

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