Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Roundup from Alabama elections

I guess Alabama Attorney General Troy King is now free to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a roadie for Kenny Chesney(Im sorry, I couldnt resist one last gay comment) after last nights stinging defeat at the hands of "Big" Luther Strange. In other news though from Alabama . Good Hope, Al. elected to stay dry instead of going wet. This was probably a bad move on their part. Their right off I-65 and if they had gone wet then restaurants like Chili's and Red Lobster would've beat a path to that area. In Cullman County, Al. they tossed out two of their three county commissioners. Wayne Willingham who ran for State Rep a few years ago against James Fields in a special election didn't even receive thirty percent of the vote this time out. Its been a pretty bad year for Doug Williams. He lost his reelection bid as well for the Cullman County Commission. He lost his mother last August and now he lost his main job. He was also talked about as a possible GOP candidate against State Senate Majority Leader Zeb Little. But all that is over now. One final note and that concerns State Rep Robert Bentley who appears to have secured a spot in the GOP run off for Alabama Governor. I always enjoy hearing about a credible underdog who pulls a surprise on election night and wins. I heard Mr Bentley this morning on the Matt Murphy show in Birmingham and I was just struck by the differences in him and his two challengers that he finished just ahead of. Tim James had to resort to a pitiful last minute gimmick in the hopes of saving his once promising shot of becoming Governor and Roy Moore is the worst kind of pol that you could think of. Oh and last but not least ,hopefully we saw the last of the George Wallace dynasty last night when Junior was defeated by a guy named Young Boozer. Next to Bill Boner, Young Boozer is the greatest political name I've ever heard. It would've really been ironic if Young Boozer had run against Jim Folsom Jr and won. Then a black guy named Leroy or something like that, had run against Wallace Jr and won.

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