Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life is very very good when your Sheriff....sometimes

Morgan County, Al. Sheriff Greg Bartlett(R) is an interesting man. Sure he's married to a much younger attractive blond as you can see in the link below. So life is very good for him in that sense. But in a more serious manner he was forced into a runoff last night by a woman who has a grand total of four years law enforcement experience under her belt. For a two term Sheriff to receive only thirty seven percent of the vote against two relative unknowns shows just what a poor job he has done the last four years as Sheriff. He was infamously arrested and jailed for a brief time over a scandal involving him literally pocketing the money meant to buy prisoners food in the county jail and it just went down hill from there with one scandal after another hitting the department. You never know about runoffs so he could still hang on and win. But its not good when you have top GOPers in the county telling people the only time they enjoy being around him is when his young wife is with him. I actually had one man tell me that today at lunch. Thats not a good sign......

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