Friday, June 25, 2010

Is a college education really worth it?

This is just a small anecdotal case. But my brother in law never set foot on a college campus and he makes about $40 thousand a year. I graduated with a BA in Public Administration and if all goes well Ill bring in around $35 to $38 thousand this year. My sister however has a masters in Marketing from a prestigious private university but she only makes about seven hundred every two weeks. Thats why I'm not so sure a college education is all that important anymore. There are numerous companies that will train you for a specific job these days. You can also find technical schools that offer programs and certfications in specific areas and it only takes about a year to graduate compared to the four plus it takes at traditional colleges and universities. Thats why I don't believe its worth it anymore for low to middle income kids without college scholarships to attend the typical college or university. I have just heard of too many horror stories that would let me in good conscious urge a low income kid depending on grants and loans for college to attend said university.

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