Saturday, June 26, 2010

Can you say Congressman Joe Ford?

Thats the dirty little secret that no one is publicly talking about yet in Tennessee. But make no mistake thats what the infamous Ford family in Memphis is cooking up right now. Joe Ford is currently seeking a full term as Shelby County Mayor after receiving a temporary appointment to the post last year to fill out the remaining term of AC Wharton. Mr Ford does face a stiff challenge for the Mayor's job in Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell(R). But I've heard that all the polls taken for this race so far have shown Joe Ford with the lead albeit not a huge one though. He dispatched a very credible opponent in the democrat primary last month with relative ease. So its my opinion he will probably do the same to Mr Luttrell in the end. Sure "uncle John" and "aunt Ophelia" are pretty much considered jokes outside of Shelby County and most outside of Shelby believe Harold Sr got away with numerous felonies during his time in office. But the Ford name in Memphis still means everything when it comes down to it election wise. Thats why I fully expect Joe Ford to run for Tennessee's ninth congressional district in 2012 if he wins in August as I believe he will. Joe and Harold Sr will probably try to get Congressman Cohen to challenge US Senator Bob Corker(R) at first. That way the race for the ninth district will be over before it starts. All Joe will have to do is walk in and file his papers at the election commission and the race will be over at that point. If Cohen balks at that though, then the 2012 primary for the 9th district will be a lot more fun for those of us who love negative campaigns than the one currently going on right now in the 9th. Democrats still admire the Ford family while the numbers prove they despise Willie Herenton who is challengeing Congressman Cohen this year. So two years from now we just might be seeing one heck of nasty campaign going on in west Tennessee.

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