Saturday, June 26, 2010

Can you say Congressman Joe Ford?

Thats the dirty little secret that no one is publicly talking about yet in Tennessee. But make no mistake thats what the infamous Ford family in Memphis is cooking up right now. Joe Ford is currently seeking a full term as Shelby County Mayor after receiving a temporary appointment to the post last year to fill out the remaining term of AC Wharton. Mr Ford does face a stiff challenge for the Mayor's job in Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell(R). But I've heard that all the polls taken for this race so far have shown Joe Ford with the lead albeit not a huge one though. He dispatched a very credible opponent in the democrat primary last month with relative ease. So its my opinion he will probably do the same to Mr Luttrell in the end. Sure "uncle John" and "aunt Ophelia" are pretty much considered jokes outside of Shelby County and most outside of Shelby believe Harold Sr got away with numerous felonies during his time in office. But the Ford name in Memphis still means everything when it comes down to it election wise. Thats why I fully expect Joe Ford to run for Tennessee's ninth congressional district in 2012 if he wins in August as I believe he will. Joe and Harold Sr will probably try to get Congressman Cohen to challenge US Senator Bob Corker(R) at first. That way the race for the ninth district will be over before it starts. All Joe will have to do is walk in and file his papers at the election commission and the race will be over at that point. If Cohen balks at that though, then the 2012 primary for the 9th district will be a lot more fun for those of us who love negative campaigns than the one currently going on right now in the 9th. Democrats still admire the Ford family while the numbers prove they despise Willie Herenton who is challengeing Congressman Cohen this year. So two years from now we just might be seeing one heck of nasty campaign going on in west Tennessee.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Is a college education really worth it?

This is just a small anecdotal case. But my brother in law never set foot on a college campus and he makes about $40 thousand a year. I graduated with a BA in Public Administration and if all goes well Ill bring in around $35 to $38 thousand this year. My sister however has a masters in Marketing from a prestigious private university but she only makes about seven hundred every two weeks. Thats why I'm not so sure a college education is all that important anymore. There are numerous companies that will train you for a specific job these days. You can also find technical schools that offer programs and certfications in specific areas and it only takes about a year to graduate compared to the four plus it takes at traditional colleges and universities. Thats why I don't believe its worth it anymore for low to middle income kids without college scholarships to attend the typical college or university. I have just heard of too many horror stories that would let me in good conscious urge a low income kid depending on grants and loans for college to attend said university.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Don't taze me bro!

How would you like to be tased in the buttocks by a police officer? Thats exactly what happened to Arian Smith of Selmer, Tn when he was in Savannah, Tn recently. It seems old Arian was being a bad boy so Savannah police officer Charles Childers pulled him over and thats when Arian jumped out on foot and tried to take off but Mr Childers hit him in the buttocks with his taser and stopped him dead in his tracks as you might imagine. As they say in Perry County, Tn. I bet that old boy is bound up tighter than a jack rabbit with 12 gauge buckshot up its bumhole after the tasing he took.

Ive joined twitter and other thoughts

Ive finally joined twitter after much urging. You can find me at and start the process of following me. In political news this week. There was a recount in the GOP primary for Governor of Alabama and Robert Bentley narrowly edged out Tim James to secure a spot in next months runoff against Bradley Bryne. But Mr Bentley may have already sunk his chances in that race before it really even started. He made a very strange decision to fire his campaign staff last week. Thats something you usually don't do just days after those same people helped you pull off one of the biggest upsets in modern times in Alabama. In Cullman County, Al there is a runoff between local tea party favorite Patricia McGriff and dentist Dr Paul Bussman to see who will take on State Senate Majority Leader Zebulon Little in November. The word is that Dr Bussman has the edge right now but its close enought that the tea party could push Mrs McGriff over the top with a late surge on the ground. All is still relatively quiet in southwest Tennessee political wise from what I hear. Im sure itll pick up soon. I miss the good old days when rumors would fly every July right before an election that the FBI was storming the Hardin County jail and courthouse. Ahh the good old days. Hehe. Well thats it for now folks. Im about fried politically and personally speaking from all the junk Ive been having to do recently but hey when you make twice what teachers and police do then I cant really complain too much.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life is very very good when your Sheriff....sometimes

Morgan County, Al. Sheriff Greg Bartlett(R) is an interesting man. Sure he's married to a much younger attractive blond as you can see in the link below. So life is very good for him in that sense. But in a more serious manner he was forced into a runoff last night by a woman who has a grand total of four years law enforcement experience under her belt. For a two term Sheriff to receive only thirty seven percent of the vote against two relative unknowns shows just what a poor job he has done the last four years as Sheriff. He was infamously arrested and jailed for a brief time over a scandal involving him literally pocketing the money meant to buy prisoners food in the county jail and it just went down hill from there with one scandal after another hitting the department. You never know about runoffs so he could still hang on and win. But its not good when you have top GOPers in the county telling people the only time they enjoy being around him is when his young wife is with him. I actually had one man tell me that today at lunch. Thats not a good sign......

Roundup from Alabama elections

I guess Alabama Attorney General Troy King is now free to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a roadie for Kenny Chesney(Im sorry, I couldnt resist one last gay comment) after last nights stinging defeat at the hands of "Big" Luther Strange. In other news though from Alabama . Good Hope, Al. elected to stay dry instead of going wet. This was probably a bad move on their part. Their right off I-65 and if they had gone wet then restaurants like Chili's and Red Lobster would've beat a path to that area. In Cullman County, Al. they tossed out two of their three county commissioners. Wayne Willingham who ran for State Rep a few years ago against James Fields in a special election didn't even receive thirty percent of the vote this time out. Its been a pretty bad year for Doug Williams. He lost his reelection bid as well for the Cullman County Commission. He lost his mother last August and now he lost his main job. He was also talked about as a possible GOP candidate against State Senate Majority Leader Zeb Little. But all that is over now. One final note and that concerns State Rep Robert Bentley who appears to have secured a spot in the GOP run off for Alabama Governor. I always enjoy hearing about a credible underdog who pulls a surprise on election night and wins. I heard Mr Bentley this morning on the Matt Murphy show in Birmingham and I was just struck by the differences in him and his two challengers that he finished just ahead of. Tim James had to resort to a pitiful last minute gimmick in the hopes of saving his once promising shot of becoming Governor and Roy Moore is the worst kind of pol that you could think of. Oh and last but not least ,hopefully we saw the last of the George Wallace dynasty last night when Junior was defeated by a guy named Young Boozer. Next to Bill Boner, Young Boozer is the greatest political name I've ever heard. It would've really been ironic if Young Boozer had run against Jim Folsom Jr and won. Then a black guy named Leroy or something like that, had run against Wallace Jr and won.