Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekly round up

Its been a so so week for GOPers across the deep south. First with the very bad news. It seems a pretty prominent GOP county commissioner down on the Alabama coast is a murder suspect in the death of an attractive real estate agent in the Mobile area. Commissioner Stephen Nodine(R) was named the prime suspect yesterday by the local police chief where the death occured. I can't find a picture online of the real estate agent to link to but I'm surprised that this hasn't made national headlines yet. Because the agent was a pretty attractive blond and we all know how the media loves cases of beautiful white women who come up dead in a questionable manner. Mr Nodine was once considered a rising star in the Alabama GOP but that star has long since faded. Now to the good news. The party switching democrat over in Mississippi turned out to be State Rep Scott Bounds(R). His switch this past Monday gives the Mississippi GOP their largest ever caucus in the State House at 50 members but the bad news is there still 12 short of having a majority. In other news from around the deep south this past week. I had a GOP state senator mention to me to be on the lookout in the coming weeks for a possible party switch to the GOP from a current black democrat senator. This black democrat senator is unhappy with the way the national democrats in Congress and the White House are running the country and he's been receiving a lot of heat from the conservative leaning church that him and wife attend to switch to the GOP. So we shall see. Back in my old home state of Tennessee there was a little political news. Joe Ford easily defeated his main challenger in the democrat primary for Shelby County Mayor. He now goes on to face Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell(R) in August . He easily won the GOP primary for County Mayor. We'll see how this turns out in August but the last time one of the infamous Ford brothers in Memphis took on law enforcement. It didn't turn out so well, as we all know. Thats about all the political news I heard while traveling this week. The coming weeks should be fun. There's intense rumors in Montgomery, Al that a grand jury could issue indictments at any time which will result in a good number of legislators being arrested for corruption charges in regards to the gambling lobby in that state.

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