Saturday, May 1, 2010

Political roundup in the deep south

Louisianna Governor Bobby Jindal(R) made news this week in another way besides the very public debacle concerning the historic oil slick approaching landfall in the gulf region. He appointed Scott Angelle(D) to replace the outgoing Lt Governor Mitch Landrieu(D) who plans to resign next week to become New Orleans Mayor. Mr Angelle only plans to serve in this post though until an election is held in November for this post. Current Secretary of State Jay Dardenne(R) is running in that election and is considered a heavy favorite to win that post for the rest of Landrieus current term which ends in January 2012. Alan Nunnelee(R) has hit the airwaves and the billboard circuit across north Mississippi over the past week. He's running in the GOP primary this summer hoping to be the nominee to face vulnerable Congressman Travis Childers this fall. You really cant miss his billboard on highway 45 north coming out of Tupelo. I just hope he removes it shortly after he wins in November. Some pols like the 2002 Lt Governor nominee Bill Armisted(R) in Alabama have an extremely bad habit of leaving the billboards up for years after an election is over. Not much going on in my former home county of Hardin County, Tn when it comes to there elections so far. I drove through there last night and there are hardly any yard signs up yet. Hardin County though usually waits until the heat of the summer kicks in before they flip out over the various pols. We do have a lot of county elections coming up this Tuesday in Tennessee. In west Tennessee its been relatively quiet except for Shelby County and Henderson County. Most of the hoopla in Shelby involves one of the infamous Ford's who lied his way into becoming a prominent political post in Memphis and in Henderson County, it seems the FBI is on the verge of arresting the current Sheriff. If I didnt know any better Id swear I was having a Lost type flashback to the 1980's after writing that previous sentence. But unfortunately its all to real. By the way, speaking of Lost. I was in "Sawyer's" hometown of Jasper, Al. the other day and I saw this one lady who was handing out fliers at the courthouse inviting fans of Lost to her house for a Lost party on the night of the series finale three weeks from tomorrow night. One of the many things that have puzzled me about this show is why in the world did they pick Jasper, Al. as Sawyer's hometown. But anyway back to the lady at the courthouse. I kindly told her I didnt live anywhere near Jasper but if she could get State Senators Charles "boom boom" Bishop and Lowell "leadfoot" Barron to come. Then I would make the two hour drive just to be in the same room as them on a Sunday night. One final thing concerning politics and its another FBI related story. A handfull of legislators in both parties in Alabama have been subpoenead to testify before a grand jury next week that is investigating alleged bribery over the bingo bills that were in the legislature this year. I don't know what to make of this story. You would think if it was serious then the FBI would've took the route they did in Tennessee in 2005 and kept all this out of the press until they were ready to lower the boom on everyone. But we have different people in charge of the justice department now so it could just be a case of them employing a different tactic to get their indictments. We shall see. Theres never a dull moment in deep south politics. There's always someone having an affair, stealing or doing something criminal.....

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