Saturday, May 22, 2010

Methodists get saved by a corporation and other news from the valley

The Methodist backed Lambuth University in Jackson, Tn was saved yesterday after an eventful week in which it looked like Lambuth was on the verge of closing its doors. But according to the school's President an eleventh hour agreement with an unnamed corporation was worked out yesterday that will enable the school to stay open. No official word yet on the details of the agreement but the infamous word on the street has it that the school will no longer have an affiliation with the Methodist church. I saw former FOX news contributor Angela McGlowan nailing up her campaign signs to utility poles this week in northeast Mississippi. I'm not a betting man(especially when Im in Alabama...hehe) but what do you want to bet that dear old Angie will fly back to New York and beg Roger Ailes for her job back and leave her sorry looking signs nailed up to utility poles across the first district long after she get''s her expected drubbing at the ballot box on June 1? Danny over at his blog the political parlor, is reporting that Alabama Attorney General Troy King(R) is now trailing "Big" Luther Strange(R) by a wide margin in internal polls for the GOP primary thats coming up on June 1. This will be great news if it happens. King has not only been dogged by gay rumors but most importantly he has often made important issues concerning the safety of Alabamans more about him than it should've been about the public. So it will be a good thing if he goes down in ten days. One final note and that concerns the primary over in Arkansas. It will not shock me at all if Lt Governor Bill Halter defeats US Senator Blanche Lincoln in a few weeks. He performed much better last Tuesday than a lot of the public polls showed him doing. To come within two points of defeating a non scandal plagued incumbent US Senator in a primary speaks volumes about just how vulnerable she really is. So my guess is she will probably lose next month to Halter in the runoff and then Halter will lose by a wide margin in November to GOP nominee John Boozman.

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