Saturday, April 10, 2010

State House candidate and his family

Go check out Ed Henry's website ( ) . He's a candidate for Alabama State House seat district 9 which is currently represented by the retiring Ron Grantland(D). Mr Henry will be facing Hartselle Mayor Dwight Tankersley in the GOP primary in June with the winner taking on Tom Drake(D) in November. Mr Drake is the son of the former legendary Alabama State House Speaker Tom Drake(D). Mr Henry has his work cut out for him. Mayor Tankersley has done a very good job running Hartselle. He became the first Mayor in decades to win reelection a few years ago. He's also helped clean up the city from numerous eyesores that had made the city look bad from a public perception. His ordinance ordered that all signs be removed from public roadways and utility poles and numerous yards and businesses were cleaned up under threats of heavy fines. I like what the Mayor did in respect to that. There's no valid reason why people should be allowed to literally "gum up" the area they live in. On the other hand though take one look at Mr Henry and his family and its people like him that will lead the Alabama and the national GOP back to power. He's a young middle class individual who's worried about his state and country and most importantly unlike some folks on the democrat side. He's never had anything in politics handed to him ona silver platter.

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