Tuesday, April 6, 2010

News from Saban country

The Alabama GOP over the weekend removed State Senator Harri Anne Smith(R) from the ballot. She's now threatening to run as an independent (ala Kent Williams in Tennessee)but its unlikely she'll win even if she does manage to run as an independent. There hasnt been a successful independent campaign in Alabama since the 80's. Senator Smith got into trouble with the party over her endorsement of Congressman Bobby Bright(D) back in 2008. Her and her supporters apparently fail to recognize the old adage in politics that you shouldnt take it personal. But apparently Harri Anne did that after her bloody primary with State Rep Jay Love. The endorsement played a huge role in helping the democrats win that seat after nearly of 50 years of GOP control of the second district. She also failed to recognize that there are consequences when you belong to groups and you fail to abide by their rules. So she pretty much has ruined her political career over that fiasco that she helped create. I hope it was worth it for her sake. In another bit of interesting news from Nick Saban country. State Senator Paul Sanford(R-Huntsville)claims that he was offered a bribe by a lobbyist with the gaming industry in exchange for him voting in favor of a bingo bill last week. The lobbyist claims thats a lie but it does explain to a certain extent why the FBI literally flew into action overnight concerning this issue thats before the Alabama Legislature this session.

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