Monday, April 5, 2010

Do Interstates matter?

I remember Dr. Tays once back in 1997 at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tn giving a lecture about how bad Tupelo, Ms. and Jasper, Al. were economically damaged by not having the future I-22 built along with the other interstates fifty years ago. I wonder the same about the Savannah, Tn area. Now unlike Tupelo and Jasper, there will never be an interstate built through Savannah. But the city and the county have really changed the outlook of the county over the last ten years or so. The entire school system will pretty much be in modern facilities over the next year and Pickwick has become a hotspot for retirees and million dollar homes. Just imagine though if the county had an interstate? Northern Tupelo was pretty much nothing but cornfields in the pre-1990's but because of the future I-22. Its now become a retail destination for people all over the Tennessee Valley. Jasper isnt quite where Tupelo is with the economy just yet but its seen numerous industries locating to the area since its stretch of the future I-22 opened three years ago. But if you could add all the jobs that interstates bring to an area like Savannah and Hardin County. Hardin County's population would be exploding right now. Its ashame that Savannah never will get the opportunity that Tupelo and Jasper will.

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