Sunday, April 11, 2010

Charles Boom Boom Bishop is back!

Alabama State Senator Charles "Boom Boom" Bishop(R) who gained worldwide fame for punching the legendary State Senator Lowell Barron(D) on the floor of the Alabama State Senate two and a half years ago after Lowell called Charles's mother a "bad name" to his face, decided last week before the filing deadline. That he may have had enough of the State Senate but he hadn't had enough of the legislature all together. He filed to take on State House Majority Leader Ken Guin(D) in this falls elections. Mr Guin is kind of like Lowell in a way. Both have a sense of arrogance about them and they think its amusing that so many republicans dislike them. So I very much look forward to the campaign this fall for this seat. Mr Guin will almost surely try to provoke old Boom Boom Bishop so it should be fun to say the least!

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