Monday, March 15, 2010

Tn Valley is still struggling

Local unemployment numbers in Tennessee were released last week and it still isn't good for most counties. First off, another locally owned restaurant bit the dust last week. Outtatown which is near Iuka, Ms closed its doors Friday after a five year run. It employed twenty four people so I'm sure this isnt a good month for them. Anyway on to the unemployment rate. The lowest was Lincoln with an 8.3 rate. You can chalk this up to it being next door to the Huntsville, Al. area which is still doing pretty good economically. In McNairy County though, the unemployment rate went up to 14.0 % from 13.4 the previous month. It also recorded the fewest number of county residents with jobs in nineteen years. County Mayor Jai Templeton(R) recently announced he's seeking reelection this summer to a new four year term. I don't know about that considering those employment numbers. This seat is a golden opportunity for the democrats to take back a seat they lost in west Tennessee. Freshman State Rep Vance Dennis(R) also represents this area but given that he's new and that he's done a good job on the other issues in his district. This shouldn't rub off on him this year. I'm surprised though that there aren't rumblings from other Republicans about Marsha Blackburn over this issue. Not only does she represent McNairy County but she also represents other counties like Perry,Hardeman,Decatur and Henderson which have unemployment rates in the mid to upper teens. No matter which party represents you in Congress and the state legislature. They are in charge of drafting economic policies that create a job friendly enviroment in this country so it troubles me that so many in both parties are willing to give the Marsha Blackburn's and the Roy Herron's on the left a free pass on this issue. Unemployment rates above ten percent are unacceptable in a country like ours and anyone in elected office who shrugs should be tossed out.


MickeyWhite said...

Marsha Blackburn Voted FOR:
Omnibus Appropriations, Special Education, Global AIDS Initiative, Job Training, Unemployment Benefits, Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations, Agriculture Appropriations, U.S.-Singapore Trade, U.S.-Chile Trade, Supplemental Spending for Iraq & Afghanistan, Prescription Drug Benefit, Child Nutrition Programs, Surface Transportation, Job Training and Worker Services, Agriculture Appropriations, Foreign Aid, Vocational/Technical Training, Supplemental Appropriations, UN “Reforms.” Patriot Act Reauthorization, CAFTA, Katrina Hurricane-relief Appropriations, Head Start Funding, Line-item Rescission, Oman Trade Agreement, Military Tribunals, Electronic Surveillance, Head Start Funding, COPS Funding, Funding the REAL ID Act (National ID), Foreign Intelligence Surveillance, Thought Crimes “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, Peru Free Trade Agreement, Economic Stimulus, Farm Bill (Veto Override), Warrantless Searches, Employee Verification Program, Body Imaging Screening.

Marsha Blackburn Voted AGAINST:
Ban on UN Contributions, eliminate Millennium Challenge Account, WTO Withdrawal, UN Dues Decrease, Defunding the NAIS, Iran Military Operations defunding Iraq Troop Withdrawal, congress authorization of Iran Military Operations.

Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
See her unconstitutional votes at :

Mr Turnbow said...

Mickey you make some valid points. At the end of the day though the only thing that matters to the everyday man and woman in her district is jobs and so far Marsha has failed miserably on that issue.