Monday, March 22, 2010

Should the Church of Christ start kicking democrat pols out?

I heard an interesting conversation yesterday that was brought up by a church of christ minister in the Tennessee valley. The conversation basically centered around democrat politicians in the state legislatures in Tennessee and Alabama who belong to the conservative Church of Christ but they support liberal politicians at the state capitals in their respective states and they also donate money to the national democratic party who in turn spend money fighting for causes that the church of christ and most churches don't believe in. This person wanted to know if the church should approach those members and basically give them an ultimatum. Either start voting for the causes that the church believes in or get out. Its an interesting and valid question in my opinion. A quick check of the democrat caucus in the Tennessee State House for example shows that there are six members who belong to the conservative church of christ but everyone of them has a voting record that leans to the left. Memphis State Rep. John DeBerry is the only one that I know of in that group who has a leadership role with the church of christ. The leadership at the Church of Christ supported school Freed Hardeman in Henderson, Tn have often said that their satisfied with his votes in the legislature. They say that but he time and time again supports liberals who do not believe what the church supports for leadership positions in Nashville. The other church of christ members who are democrats serving in the state house are Reps. Cobb and Fincher. Thats an interesting duo because the liberals in the state are really behind them on most issues. The list is rounded out by Reps. Bass,Fraley and McDonald. I personally don't believe the church should start "kicking" democrats out of its congregations. But I do believe its important for everyone to maintain a consistent pattern on the pressing social issues of today and that is something that some democrats who belong to the church of christ have obviously not been doing but should start immediately.

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