Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random tidbits from around the area

The streak of not reaching 70 degrees in Memphis officially ended this past Monday. It ended up being 112 straight days of not reaching 70. Which comes in as the 7th longest streak in modern times for the Memphis area. So how about that global warming! Hanceville, Al this week voted down an effort to go wet in their city which is right off I-65 going toward Birmingham. The no vote won by about 30 votes. Their not the only little town with a wet/dry vote scheduled this summer. Next up is Good Hope, Al. which also sits right off I-65 in Cullman County, Al. Its always interesting to hear the no voters in those small towns. Its almost as if their living in their own little world when you hear their arguments on staying dry. Drunk men in the streets,strippers,mobsters. You name it and the dry crowd in Hanceville spread it leading up to the vote this past Tuesday. Finally the NAIA Womens basketball tournament starts next week at Oman Arena in Jackson, Tn. If your in the area you better go support it because its well known Jackson is living on borrowed time when it comes to keeping this tournament in town.

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