Saturday, March 6, 2010

pols going to the pokey and other tidbits from Saban country

Yesterday a Federal Judge in Birmingham sentenced former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford(D) to 15 years in prison and he's due to report to prison on April 5 to begin serving that sentence. Its a tragic fall for a man who held such great promise just a few short years ago. In other news from the state thats currently occupied by the great lord Nick Saban. Brian over at and the gals from the left in alabama blog are reporting that former State Senate President Hinton Mitchem(D) will retire from the Alabama State Senate this year. This really isnt that much of a surprise. Word has been circulating for a few years now that this would be his last term. It will provide the GOP an excellant chance to win his state senate seat though in November. The casino...oops I mean bingo parlor known as Victoryland reopened yesterday despite threats from Governor Riley and District Attorney John Tyson that they will have the state troopers storm the place and confiscate all the gambling machines. The owner of the bingo parlor, Milton McGregor and the Sheriff in that county have threatened to pull a "George Wallace Sr stand in front of the school house door stunt" if Riley and Tyson follow through on their stunt. That would make for some very entertaining TV to see that but it certainly wouldn't help the public perception of the state. So I doubt that will happen given Riley's business acumen. I do find it very curious though that the anti-gambling crowd is having hyperbolic heart attacks in front of the media on this issue. But they don't mention one word about the porn problem in Alabama which by the way is much worse then being hooked on gambling. A friend told me a few years ago it took them 20 minutes to pull out of the raceway gas station on highway 72 in west Huntsville because the porn shop next door was having a porn star sign autographs. They said the parking lot was overflowing with what looked like the whose who of sex offenders in Alabama. You can also travel up and down I-65 and other highways in north Alabama and you will see billboards advertising joints called "The Boobie Bungalow" and "Big Ted and the chicken scratch gals" welcomes aboard "Big Tits McGraw" to the crew. No one says one word about that but let old grandma so and so go into a bingo parlor and all hell suddenly breaks lose in the state. Only in Alabama.....

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