Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hot tub time machine:GOP style

I was wondering the other day about the new movie "hot tub time machine" but I wonder how good it'll do now after the State House Majority Leader in Utah released his own version of the "hot tub time machine". State Rep Kevin Garn(R) resigned today after it was discovered he sat nude in a hot tub with a 15 year old teenage girl twenty five years ago when he was 30 years old. Oh and like that wasn't bad enough, he paid the lady who is now 40 years old $150,000 back in 2002 to keep quiet when he ran for Congress. But she popped up again just recently and she claims she only popped up again to make her and his life better but who who knows. That sounds kinf of fishy to me. When will these people ever learn? Is it any wonder they've nearly driven us all into bankruptcy?

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