Thursday, March 4, 2010

Elections in Hardin County, Tn

Hardin County, Tn is unique in a lot of ways when it comes to its elections process. They don't have partisan elections like most of the counties in Tennessee do and the filing deadline for county offices is different as well. So far I don't really see any "barnburners" taking shape in the county but then again I haven't lived there in years so I'm not exactly close to the scene. In the County Mayor's race, incumbent Kevin Davis is seeking a third term in office. So far his only challengers are LC Harris and Bill Brown. I believe Mr Brown ran for the State House two years ago if I'm not mistaken. The Sheriff's race will feature longtime incumbent Sammy Davidson seeking another term. So far it looks like he will be facing mainly retreads from the past and no names. If anyone comes close it might be former Deputy Jim Davis who I thought got a raw deal in the '02 election. One other candidate in this race that is interesting is Charles Seaton. Now let me say up front, I've never met this gentleman so its nothing personal. But come on sir, surely you have to know the negative feeling that people have with your last name when it comes to law enforcement in Hardin County. Its like Harold Ford Jr over in Memphis when he ran for the US Senate. His last name absolutely killed his chances in the end. The only other top job in the county is the road superintendent position. This job has been controlled by the Blount family for most of my life with the exception of a four year absence in the late 90's so I doubt anyone will step forward to challenge Paul Blount. By the way if the state legislature wanted to do something useful with county offices. They could start by abolishing elected offices like road superintendent and letting people vote for county schools superintendent(like we used to). One final note concerns freshman State Rep. Vance Dennis(R), so far no one has officially filed to challenge him but its well known that state democrat party chairman Chip Forrester has been shaking the bushes searching for a democrat to challenge him. So I would expect someone on the democrat side to file here in the next month. But given the recent trends in that district I doubt who ever it is will come close to defeating Rep. Dennis in November. If party infighting hadn't broken out in the special election to replace the late Rep. Wolfe in 1990. I don't believe the democrats would've ever controlled this seat in recent times.

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